Student Government Presents: Smorgasburg

The Student Government hosted a free Smorgasburg in the Kelly Commons Parking Lot on Thursday, Nov. 18. Student Government provided a wide range of food trucks and stands providing the crowd with made-to-order woodfire pizza, Korean hotdogs, Claudy’s empanadas, and Bona Bona ice cream

Interviews complied by Angelica Niedermeyer & Rebecca Kranich

Kevin Rojas, Senior

Student Body President

Why did you plan the Smorgasburg?

“I remember back in freshman year we had an event similar to this and we had a lot of great student turn out and honestly students love food, especially if it’s free. So, we figured it would be something fun to do. Our whole board went to an event down in the city and we thought this would be something cool to bring to campus. I’m just happy to see that kids are here.”

How’s the turn out compared to the last time there was an event like this one?

“Honestly the only thing I could compare this to right now is probably the Quadstock we held a little bit ago. I would probably say there are more people here today, so I couldn’t ask for a better day and better participation. I think everything went out perfectly.”

Brian Weir, Junior

What made you decide to come out for the Smorgasburg?

“The free food and just getting to be with my fellow Jaspers.”

How are you enjoying your hot dog?

“Oh, it’s so good. It’s a motzdog, so it’s mozzarella cheese and the fried dough and sugar around it.”

How has the quality of life around campus changed?

“I mean this year it is a lot more open. So, you can interact with people more and it feels like more of a community because you are actually engaging with people rather than, you know, crumpled up in your dorm room.”

Marin Bultena, Junior

What made you decide to come out for the Smorgasburg?

“I decided to come out because my friends promoted the event to me … I figured it’s a beautiful day and I wanted to indulge in free food.”

How has this semester been different than last year?

“It’s been really great. I was talking with someone I was here with about how wonderful it is that Manhattan has this really tight-knit community which we haven’t had the access to because of the pandemic. Even in this crowd, I’ve interacted with so many of my classmates, friends and peers. So it’s really wonderful to be in these group settings which were so limited during the pandemic. I am thoroughly enjoying this as a student who was living on campus during the pandemic.”

How has the quality of life around campus changed?

“It’s been really great, and the fact that these kinds of events are back, it’s nice to get engaged with the community, faculty and organizations on campus that are trying to fundraise or promote something they’re doing. Just this semester I’ve been so lucky to be able to go to so many lectures, and Brown Bags and things put on by student engagement.”