O’Malley School of Business Announces a New Masters in Accounting

By, Jocelyn Visnov & Mack Olmstead, Asst. Production Editor & Staff Writer

The O’Malley School of Business recently announced their brand new Master of Science In Accounting (MSA) program, coming to Manhattan College in the fall semester of 2022.

The new MSA program reaches out for a large audience as it opens the door for non-business students, not to mention also allowing students from outside of Manhattan College.

This program has been in development since fall 2020. The program was developed by the chair, Fengyun Wu, Ph.D., professor of accounting, computer and information sciences and law, with the rest of the accounting department and the dean of the O’Malley School of Business, Don Gibson. The program was developed within four months and then started the approval process which took about a year.

“The main goal is to really help students who are not accounting majors or do not have expertise in accounting. So, this is a program that consists entirely of accounting courses,” Wu said.

It is important to note that the MSA is different from the MBA program, also offered within the O’Malley School of Business. The MBA in Professional Accounting is a 5-year program for business students at MC who are currently majoring in accounting, whereas the MSA is meant for students who have taken business core classes, but did not major in accounting for their undergraduate degree. The MSA is also open to students who did not complete undergraduate coursework at MC.

The MSA will be a 30-credit stand alone one-year program. The program will be open for any major so long as you have a business background with 36 credits. The core classes part of this curriculum are, ACCT601 Intermediate Financial Accounting, ACCT602 Accounting Information Systems, ACCT603 Federal Income Tax, ACCT604 Advanced Financial Accounting and ACCT605 Auditing and Assurance Services.

Outside of the core curriculum students will also have to take five accounting electives. After the course students will be given the opportunity to take the test to get a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) li- cense, qualifying them to enter the accounting profession after graduation. With the CPA license it is more likely that a student would end up with a high paying position with job security. To make this program more accessible, the program will be online with asynchronous courses and weekly live sessions.

Although this program is not going to begin until the fall of 2022, some students were able to get a small head start in this program by taking ACCT 612 Forensic Accounting. This was a brand new class introduced and is a part of the new initiative Manhattan College is taking. Next semester, Manhattan College is offering ACCT 610 Govt. and Not-for-Profit Acct., which could be used as one of the five electives needed for the program.

Aileen Farrelly, assistant dean of the O’Malley School of Business, explained that the MSA in accounting is ideal for those who may have gained an interest in accounting late in their coursework.

“[Accounting] is so much more exciting than it used to be and you get to get involved in more of your interests, like within different industries,” she said. “Having the certified CPA certification gets you in the door to these places, or on your way at least … All of our accounting majors that do the BS/MBA in professional accounting have jobs when they graduate, ever y single one of them. We are at 100% placement.”

Sachy Figueroa, a freshman accounting major, went to Manhattan College’s Graduate Expo where she first learned of the MSA program. She thought highly of the program and is excited for its start.

“I think that’s a very good opportunity and I think a lot of students, once they are familiar with that program, will want to become a part of it,” Figueroa said.

The leadership of the business program at Manhattan is excited to see the opportunities yielded for students with the start of the MSA.

Gibson is proud of this new program and wanted to explain what it could do for a student’s future.

“This is a degree for those students who got their business degree but didn’t choose to major in accounting, they can still have this profession and prepare themselves for the CPA,” Gibson said. “So, this degree not only helps you prepare for the test, it also can expose you to potential internships with firms.”

Wu shares similar sentiments towards the program.

“I really think that this is an important program for the growth of our own accounting program itself, it also really meets the demand for our own non accounting business majors and so it is an important program for us,” she said. “It builds upon the strength of our existing accounting program. We have a very strong faculty. This program will build upon the strengths we already have at the O’ Malley School of Busi- ness, and I hope we can have a strong start for this MSA program.”

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