Great Things Ahead with New Cheer Coach, Victoria Brewer

by Zoe DeFazio, Staff Writer

Manhattan College’s newest cheerleading coach, Victoria Brewer, is excited to make major changes in Manhattan’s program. The cheer team has been enriched in a new way of performing and now has the possibility to be able to compete and even go to nationals.

Brewer has extensive cheer experience that can help MC’s cheer team go above and beyond.

“I have been cheering since middle school. I cheered for eight years. I have been the cheer coach at Manhattan College for two years but prior to that I coached for four years,” Brewer said.

With MC coming back to an in-person status Brewer has been stirring up some ideas on how the cheer team can prosper in the future going so far as to be able to compete.

Brewer has extensive cheer experience that can help MC’s cheer team go above and beyond.

“We eventually want to compete as dance does. We’d like to compete at NCA [National Cheerleaders Association] nationals. I would like to see our team grow and have the maximum number of members every year,” said Brewer.

Brewer then continued to talk about her goals for the year, which includes getting the team more involved in the Manhattan College community on a regular basis, not just at basketball games.

“I’d like to have a big team and see us get involved in the community and on campus as well,” said Brewer. “I’d like to see us out at a lot more events. I want to start traditions within the team that will be recognized by the entire campus in the future. I want the cheer team to be recognized more,” mentioned Brewer

Brewer hopes to be able to expand the cheer team to increase diversity and encourage more men to try out for cheerleading.

“Once again I would definitely like to see us be more competitive. I would like to see more diversity. I would like to see more guys on the team. As of now we only have one guy, JeanRobert Adrien, he’s great!”

According to Brewer, the team’s diversity is both cultural and professional, as many of the athletes have had different levels of training. 

“We are a team about learning, and that’s really what we try to focus on,” Brewer added.

When asked about what the cheer team is most excited about this academic year Coach Brewer didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Basketball! We’re excited about the basketball season. Not only are we excited about the season and the MAAC tournament but the possibility of the NCA’s,” said Brewer with a smile.

Manhattan Madness took place on October 28, and the cheer team put on quite a show that took ample time to perfect.

“We started prepping for Manhattan Madness last year but it was canceled because of COVID-19. So we all knew that this year would be different. Last year we started working on the basics and on the second weekend of September we began our routine, and we’ve been working on that ever since then,” Brewer said.

For anyone hoping to join the cheer team Brewer has some words of advice

“Work on the little stuff that you don’t think matters such as motions, jumps, and things like that. Overall, your attitude is more important than your skills,” said Brewer.

Brewer encourages all students to try out for cheerleading in the future. The cheer team is open to any and all stunts regardless of cheer background and would love to have some new faces. Brewer hopes to be able to create a fun environment for the cheerleaders with new traditions and events.