Meet One of MC’s Best, Pete Janny

By, Mack Olmsted, Staff Writer

Meet Peter Janny, one of Manhattan College’s key members of The Quadrangle. Janny has been a very important contributor to the Quad and is now in his senior year.

Coming from eastern Connecticut, Janny has been part of The Quadrangle since his freshman year. During the 2018 September club fair, Janny checked out The Quadrangle and described the group as “inviting and welcoming.” After the fair, Janny joined and began his Quadrangle journey.

His favorite section was sports as it fascinated him and gave him many opportunities. He quickly became a staff writer, and by December 2018 he got the position of assistant sports editor. For a year Janny served under former editor Garrett Keidel, and when there was a need for someone to fill Keidel’s position, Janny was able to step up to the plate. In December 2019 he became the Quadrangle’s sports editor and the managing editor until December 2020, when he moved on to serving solely as the sports editor.

Though he was the sports editor, Janny would continue to write for the different sections of The Quadrangle. His favorite part about The Quadrangle was being able to cover different topics.

“I think there’s a lot of great things about the Quad,” Janny said. “I think the fact that it challenges you to go outside your comfort zone, to report on topics that aren’t always comfortable to talk about. I think the best part of it is it not only develops your writing skills, but it develops your interpersonal skills.”

Although Janny is not studying journalism alone, he still finds work in this field to be valuable and applicable to other types of work.

“I think the lessons learned from journalism are very applicable to other work,” Janny said. “[Journalism] really teaches you the value of hard work, the value of integrity, the value of accuracy, and those things can’t really be teached anywhere better than by experiencing journalism.”

Janny also enjoys working and meeting with new people from different areas of campus.

“I was able to meet a lot of different people of different walks of life throughout the process,” Janny said. “I think the reason why I did that was because I didn’t want to just settle for the basic stories and I wanted to go find stuff that would be diamonds in the rough.”

Janny, pictured above with the New York Yankees Assistant Manager, served as Sports Editor for the Quadrangle.

Janny was more than just a member of the Quadrangle — he was also involved in other extra curricular activities. Janny was Vice President of Communication for the student government his junior year as well as a member of the Ethics Bowl.

Over the years Janny gained many great memories and experiences that would stick with him forever.

“My favorite memory I think the one that stands out, probably the 2019 MAAC tournament, I went with John Jackson, who at that point was a senior writer months away from graduation and he took me under his wing,” Janny said. “He was a great mentor. It was really special getting the whole experience of working in the press setting. It was cool being on the inside of an important event that I was reading about regularly in the newspaper.”

Now Janny is working for student athletics and is getting experience working for the college administration while also running their social media. After graduation Janny hopes to get a career through his analytics degree and hopes to be ending up working in the private sector.

Janny’s advice as a senior to underclassmen is to get involved on campus and join clubs, because doing so can make all the difference.

“I think you get the most out of your college experience based on what you get involved in so clubs, the people you hang out with just meeting new people,” Janny said. “Befriend people in the administration, befriending professors. I think that’s where you’re going to find the greatest growth and I think you’re gonna be surprised if you do that. How much you could progress over your career at Manhattan College.”

Janny has accomplished so much over his years at Manhattan College and explained what helped him achieve so much over the years attending.

“So family, family means a lot, whenever I get the time to go home and spend time with my family is definitely refreshing and I think it kind of motivates me to make them proud and then also make make my friends proud and people that I know so going to Manhattan College has been really good for that,” Janny said. “If I would have gone somewhere else, I don’t know if I would have had the same experience.”