Jasper Jams: Songs To Help You
Survive the Tumultuous Weather

by Karen Flores, Staff Writer

As the weather changes, we all try to avoid getting sick, whether it is mentally or physically. The fluctuations between summer and winter make it hard to pick outfits, hairstyles and even which drink to get at Starbucks. Some people look to stay inside and just relax while others want to experience some excitement. 

I find I need a bit of a boost of energy and vitality to keep myself up and moving while also needing a bit of relaxation after a long day of classes and extracurriculars. I am a lover of amazing beat drops and basslines. I guess you can say sometimes it’s all about the bass for me. Below is a playlist of some of the songs that have me swooning over the beats and rhythms. Whether you want to get up and dance or you want to lay down and just hum to a song, these are some of my go to songs to feel just a little bit more grounded and lively. 

One I want by Majid Jordan (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)

The first few seconds of this song is composed of a very steady and crisp tempo. When I am having a million thoughts running through my head, I blast this song, waiting for the beat drop that introduces PARTYNEXTDOOR’s low and harmonic voice which is later countered with Majid’s lighter and melodic voice. It’s the electronic tempo that calms me down whether I am laying in bed in my jammies or taking a walk at Van Cortlandt. 

Ayudame by Ché

This is my favorite song in Ché’s album.The trumpet in the background and the piano both provide a steady stream of rhythm. This song is one that helps me reflect on my thoughts and actions throughout my day. “My guess the first step is leaving, funny yeah how that’s the hardest.” This line reminds me that even baby steps towards getting a better grade in class, being healthier or just trying to be more positive is hard and that it is a feeling many people go through. Ché talks about the support and love that got him through times where he feared those who caused him pain and how he expected too much from himself and after getting help, was able to take steps towards bettering himself. His album, Ghost Log Cabin, is very raw and shows the complexity that is life and the experiences we encounter. I would recommend this album to those who are looking for new artists on the rising. His music is powerful. 

You by Regard, Troye Sivan, Tate McRae

If there is one song that could get me up and moving it would be this one. The beat drops in this song are immaculate and that tempo makes you want to get up and dance as you hold a brush in your hand singing the verses. Troye’s voice is deep at first then it lightes when the beat drops. When the electronic melody plays before Tate sings with her rich voice, I find myself moving my shoulders and head to the beat. Even though I do not have a “you” per se, this is the song I listen to if I need to feel like I’m at a party with the music blasting in my ears. 

Red Lights by Rini (feat Wale)

Rini was one of my favorite artists of all time. If there was one artist that I would say captures what it is like to love, desire and want a person, it is Rini. His sensual voice harmonizes with the undertone of the electronic instruments. The rhythm soothes me and as I relax after a long day, this song is a song that I want to sing my soul and feelings out to. Rini has a way of portraying a patient yet urgent type of love and lust between two people who wish to know every part of each other as soon as possible. It’s a vibe of its own. I would recommend for everyone to listen to all his music as he has a special way of portraying different emotions within love. 

Better Believe by Belly, The Weeknd, Young Thug 

Now this is the song you want to play if you ever feel like you are missing a boost of confidence or just want to feel like you are on top of the world. This song talks about someone wanting to prove the world wrong. Someone wanting to be one of the greatest and that is confident in their ability to reach their goals. After a long day, everyone could use some hyping up to feel better. The bass part seems to emphasize the recurring phrase “You better believe” and this to me is like when someone sets a goal in their minds and strives to achieve it so they can pave the way for their success. Everyone has different paths and goals but this song can be a hype song for anyone. 

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Love by Kendrick Lamar (feat. Zacari) 

The slowed down drums and electronic harmony in the background of the song plays a key role in emphasizing the message of the song. Kendrick asks if his significant other would still love him if he were poor or didn’t have all he did. He says he would rather his significant other trust him than love him because without her in his life, he doesn’t have anyone. Zacari finishes by saying he simply wants to love his significant other no matter what. This is the dilemma that many relationships go through. Would they sacrifice a friendship and the trust of each other to try and pursue a romance with each other? Would it be worth it? This is a song that keeps my mind at ease and makes me wonder about the complexity that is love. 

Yes I’m Changing by Tame Impala 

I recently discovered this song as I searched for new music. I have never felt so nostalgic yet hopeful for the future. This song talks about how a person never stops changing. Tame Impala was speaking to a girl and was telling her that there was no future where they were together but that both of them had bright futures ahead. Tame Impala saw a future where they could be together but he knew he had changed so he went to the future calling to him. Change is inevitable and as a freshman still trying to assimilate to college life, I can say that change happens quickly and everyday — “There is a world out there, and it’s calling my name.” 

Take My Breath by The Weeknd

My playlists are never complete without at least two songs with my favorite artist. The music video has parts where there is a group of people dancing with oxygen masks and dancing to the music makes me feel a sense of freedom. The beat reminds me of older 2000s music and it feels to me like music that electrifies your soul when the bass begins to get louder and as the Weeknd waits to say “take my breath away” the beat drops as he describes what his significant other does to him when he is near her. She takes his breath away. It’s a song that will get you dancing after you have been relaxing for a long time and is also a good song to exercise to.