Who is Jasper Clan?

by Isaiah Rosario & Victor Franco, Staff Writers

@TheJasperClan has been the buzz amongst social media amongst the students here on campus the past couple of weeks. @TheJasperClan is an anonymous Instagram account where students can find comedic memes about the college and the surrounding area. As of October 15, the @TheJasperClan Instagram account has 1,206 followers. The Quad spoke on Google Meet with the account’s owner, who uses he/him pronouns and kept his camera off, to ask the million-dollar question: why is @TheJasperClan anonymous?

“If I expose my identity, people are going to look at it [the posts] and they’re gonna be like, oh, this person posted this,” @TheJasperClan said. “Keeping the account anonymous keeps the interpersonal aspects out of it.” 

As of now, nobody has been able to solve the puzzle and find out who @TheJasperClan is, but when asked about the possibility of someone finding out his identity, he calmly responded, “Eventually, I think somebody is gonna figure out who I am. I already have things planned for when my identity gets released I’ll probably start doing some stuff on campus like interviews, but as of right now, we’re gonna keep my identity under wraps.”

@TheJasperClan spoke on what the inspiration was on why he created his famed Instagram account. 

“A lot of people don’t know each other and are shy. I believe that having an Instagram page that people can laugh about and have fun with brings the community together.”

Freshman communication major Molly Callahan spoke about this sense of community, stating she likes that the page is anonymous and for now would prefer to keep it that way. .

“It’s created a sense of community,” Callahan said. “Everybody’s heard of the page, if you reference it in conversation, people are going to know what you’re talking about.” 

When it comes to creating these relatable memes, @TheJasperClan utilizes many methods to make sure that their followers are enjoying the content. 

“More of it is stuff that I just see happen, I walk around and I see a lot of events happen. Other memes come from people submitting content and I post their credit. I also have an app [to make memes]. If I just have an idea, I’ll go online and I’ll look for a template that will match the idea,” @TheJasperClan said.

Ryan Almond, a sophomore physics major, also shared his opinion on @TheJasperClan saying he enjoys the hilarity behind the page. 

“I enjoy their content because they were able to take a comedic stance amongst the seriousness of academics. Being able to find comedy while studying for complicated classes relieves a lot of stress for me,” Almond said.

Almond enjoys that the school page takes a lot of inspiration from students.

“The account gives credit to students who created memes and I think that is a great idea because that proves to the students that the account isn’t only run by one person but essentially the student body,” Almond states. 

TheJasperClan plans to continue to grow in followers and fame in hopes that new incoming students and existing students can follow their account.