Kappa Delta Phi Hosts Virtual MC Halloween

by Karen Flores, Staff Writer

The education department’s honor society Kappa Delta Pi will be hosting their annual MC Halloween virtually on Friday, Oct. 29 at 8 a.m.

Due to COVID-19 and the aim to keep transmission of the virus as low as possible, KDP has decided to host MC halloween virtually. This will be the second year where the event is held online.

Emma Piazza, the Vice president of KDP’s Campus and community events and a fifth year childhood education and special education major thinks MC Halloween is a great way to keep the community connected.

“[KDP] values its ability to connect our campus with the community that we’re in,” Piazza said.

Piazza shared that in times before COVID-19, MC Halloween, which was previously called Safe Halloween, used to take place on campus and in person. She said that it was “a very robust event and the whole campus got involved” as well as the children and families in the surrounding community.

KDP’s official poster for the event. KDP / COURTESY

However due to COVID-19 and the rising rates of transmissions, KDP decided it was best to keep the event virtual as it was last year. The safety of all participants is top priority and allowing people onto campus is more challenging due to vaccination requirements and safety protocols such as filling out green passes and conducting testing protocols.

“I’m not even sure if trick or treating is still a thing with COVID,” Piazza said. “I don’t know if that’s still something that the children have access to and the ability to do, so giving them as many outlets and resources as possible to still have a fun halloween is what we want.”

Lisa Tyrrell, fall co-president of KDP and a childhood education major with a dual concentration in Spanish and psychology, said that the event will include fun and educational activities for the kids.

Different Manhattan College clubs have created their own fun activities to send to KDP. The Jasper Dancers, for example, sent in a video of a dance tutorial as well as a cheer that the children can chant at home. Children will be able to share what their costumes are as well as fun facts about themselves through questionnaires. Activities such as science experiments, word searches, trivia and recipes have been created and submitted to KDP to allow students and families to feel a sense of community and excitement at home.

“While I definitely wish we could host it in person again and see all of the children dressed up, running around and excited about Halloween, I’m still very excited for MC Halloween this year,” Tyrrell said.

Like Tyrell and Piazza, Emma Collins, a junior child- hood education major, is excited for MC Halloween despite it being in person. She finds the event to be a fun opportunity for kids and gives them a unique way to spend time with each other.

“I absolutely love MC Halloween,” Collins said. “It is such a great opportunity for students from the local community to participate in interactive activities and spend time with each other.”

This event is open to all students and their families. KDP encourages students to spread the word around the community and to share the event with all those who they believe would benefit from and enjoy it.

For any questions regarding the event and KDP, contact kappadeltapi@manhattan.edu