Jasper Jams: A Playlist To Get You Through Mercury Being in Retrograde

by Jilleen Barrett, A&E Editor & Managing Editor

It feels like everyone I know was having a difficult, stressful time as September ended last week. Maybe it’s because midterms are coming up, or maybe it’s due to the chillier weather — personally, I think it’s because mercury is in retrograde.

Mercury is the planet of communication, and according to Time, “those who are astrologically inclined expect frequent misunderstandings, scheduling problems and disagreements with friends during this period.” Mercury is in retrograde till Oct. 17; scan the QR code below to see what songs I’m using to get through it.

Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

This song induces serotonin. Swift is re-recording all of her old songs due to Scooter Braun’s ownership of her first few albums, and nothing makes me happier than the fact that she is purposely making them sound exactly the same as the original versions. I grew up on Taylor Swift, so being able to go back to her old music is really calming for me during a stressful time like this.

Drunk on Halloween – Wallows

Spooky season has begun and this song emulates the fall season on a college campus. The way I interpret it, this song is about partying and Halloween and the messiness that is a college relationship. While the couple this song focuses on may be having some sort of argument, the upbeat nature of it makes it a great listen during a stressful period.

Slow Dances – Winnetka Bowling League

This is a really fun song to dance to and it has a great alternative beat to it. The chorus is my favorite part: “Standing in your Allbirds / Singing all the wrong words to “Hallelujah” / Sweatshirt on a warm day / Trying to keep a straight face / That’s how I knew you / Talking with your fast hands / Saving all your slow dances / I wish I was there with you.” This song gets me really energized while walking to class.

People Are Strangers – Zella Day

I think this song is really relatable during a time where you feel like nothing makes sense. Zella Day sings about feeling lost when it comes to socializing, not being able to articulate oneself properly and how it’s “human nature” to feel like other people are strangers. I discovered this song recently and I’m glad I did because it makes me feel calm and understood.

Aqua Profunda! – Courtney Barnett

Another song with a lot of energy, Barnett sings about having a crush on someone at the gym for her album “Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit.” I love this whole album, but this particular song is perfect for when you’re dragging yourself out of bed to get to class or you just feel unable to get all your homework done. If you see me walking around campus with headphones in, this song is probably what is blasting through them.

Slide Away – Miley Cyrus

Sometimes you just want to listen to a sad song when you’re already sad. This single by Miley Cyrus is the perfect sad song. Cyrus assumedly sings about her divorce and realizing that she wants different things in life than what she thought she wanted. I love this song because I think college is a time where we are confused about what we want, even when mercury is not in retrograde.

First Love / Late Spring – Mitski

Mitski is the coolest, and so is this song. This is another somewhat sad one, but it’s worth it for the lyrics. She sings, “Wild women don’t get the blues / But I find that / Lately I’ve been crying like a / Tall child.” To me, this says you can still be fearless and brave even if sometimes you want to lay on your bed and cry.

La Vie en Rose – Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus’ cover of La Vie en Rose is truly amazing. Dacus has such an incredible voice and while most of her work is a little depressing (in the best way) this song is the exact opposite. This song is originally by Edith Piaf and includes a lot of French lyrics, like “Quand il me prend dans ses bras / Il me parle tout bas / Je vois la vie en rose” which translates roughly to “When he takes me in his arms / he whispers to me / and I see life through rose-colored glasses.”

Love You For a Long Time – Maggie Rogers

Ending on a happier hit. You can’t have an astrology based, mood lifting playlist and not include Maggie Rogers. Formerly a city college student like we are, she’s now a famous singer known for her earthy spirit and overall good vibes. This song reminds me of all the people I love — my family, my roommates, my friends and more. This is the most important thing to remember while mercury is in retrograde — even if nothing makes sense and you feel lost, you still have so much to love.