Jose Perez Returns Home to Finish College Career

By, Kelly Cwick, Asst. A&E Editor

Manhattan point guard Jose Perez is glad to be back in the Bronx after transferring from Marquette University. The Jaspers are the third team Perez will play for after spending his first two seasons at Gardner-Webb University.

Prior to MC, Perez made national headlines with his performance. He is one of only two freshmen who had a triple double during the 2018-2019 season with the other being current Knicks star R.J. Barrett. In that same season, he broke Gardner-Webb’s freshmen single season scoring record with 526 points which was only behind Hall of Famer and former NBA All-Star John Drew.

The Quad caught up with Perez to discuss his decision to transfer to Manhattan and his expectations for the season.

The Quadrangle: Why did you decide to transfer to Manhattan College?

Jose Perez: I had a great relationship with Coach Stores and Coach Masiello. They recruited me at a very young age. It was my first scholarship offer and I felt like I was ready to come home for my last year.

TQ: What has the student-athlete experience been like at MC so far?

JP: It’s been regular. I have class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and then practice and lift, so that’s my schedule throughout the day.

TQ: What’s the most special memory you have from playing basketball throughout the years?

JP: My freshman year we [Gardner-Webb] went to the NCAA tournament, almost beat the defending champs [Virginia], had a pretty good game that game as far as being my most memorable.

TQ: What is the culture and dynamic around the program like?

JP: It’s very good just adjusting to it, adjusting to new things, people on campus, everything just adjusting. I was down south then I went to the midwest and now I’m back home so I know a little bit about everything.

Jose Perez is settling into his new school after previous stops at Gardner-Webb and Marquette JOSE PEREZ / COURTESY

TQ: What are you looking forward to most for the upcoming season?

JP: Getting back to the NCAA tournament. I know Coach [Masiello] hasn’t been back there as a team and I know it’s been a couple of rough seasons. I feel like we have a high major roster here.

TQ: Do you have any personal goals for the season?

JP: I just want to win. Personal goals come with winning. I noticed that my freshman year the more you win the more everybody eats.

TQ: What are your career ambitions for after college?

JP: Pro. Coming out of my freshman and sophomore year I had some buzz. I just want to get back to that.

TQ: Do you have a favorite professional athlete you look up to?

JP: Carmelo is probably one of them. Eric Paschall, I’m very close with him. I’m very close with a couple NBA players.

TQ: What’s your favorite part about New York City, now that you’re back?

JP: I’m from here, so it’s probably the atmosphere. I heard that the Iona-Manhattan game’s atmosphere is ridiculous. I heard the Fordham-Manhattan game is as well.