LETTER from The Editor

Dear Readers,

As our nation mourned the 20th events of the attacks on 9/11 this past weekend, the phrase ‘Never Forget’ could be seen and heard everywhere. It’s a promise and a reminder to survivors and the victims’ families, that the 2,996 victims from that day and the 3,900 victims from 9/11 related illnesses are not to be lost to history.

As someone whose life has been completely altered by that day, this year was harder than most. My father passed away in January due to 9/11 related leukemia. He was a sergeant in the NYPD and spent six months on the pile. He first got sick in 2005 and spent the next 15 years in out of hospitals and doctor’s offices. Despite that, I consider myself luckier than most because I was able to grow up with the most loving and dedicated Dad anyone could ask for.

Unfortunately, my situation is not unique in the slightest, as more survivors and first responders receive soul crushing diagnosis. The death toll from these illness are just going to increase.

The same narratives of the day have been passed down through the years: How beautiful that morning was, how blue the sky was, and how united our country was on 9/12. However, there is an entirely new generation who do not remember or who were born after 9/11. These narratives are simply not enough. People need to know what happened that day and how 20 years later survivors can’t escape its affects.

Following this 9/11 and the others to come, let us all keep the victims and survivors of this day in our hearts, and truly, never forget.

Until next time.


Anna Woods, Editor-in-Chief