Manhattan College Gets Thrifty

by Adrienne Hutto & Isaiah Rosario, Asst. Production Editor & Staff Writer

ATTENTION ALL THRIFTERS, Manhattan College is opening its very own thrift store on campus. “TurnStyle” will be coming to campus in late September and will provide students with an amazing thrifting experience within walking distance of their dorms.

For those who do not know, thrifting allows shoppers to find new homes for once-beloved clothes and jewelry. Not only is thrifting an environmentally friendly alternative to fast fashion, but it also allows for more creativity and self-expression for less.

Thrifted items have been loved by a previous owner, but are usually in good shape with enough life left to be useful to a new buyer. Faculty, staff, administrators and students will all be invited to donate their lightly used clothes to either swap with other clothing items or just simply donate their clothing.

The event is organized by Student Engagement and Student Government. The idea was the brainchild of Student Body Vice President and founder of TurnStyle, Liola Moody. Moody brought TurnStyle to life because of her love for thrifting and her love for the Manhattan College community. Moody is currently a senior at Manhattan with a double major in both Political Science and International Studies.

With this event, the new student body administration is already proving to be interested in providing engaging student life.

Liola’s main reason for the creation of TurnStyle was to build something that would both help people around the community and to get students more involved on campus by bringing people’s love of thrifting to Manhattan College.

“Since I was in Student Government since I was a freshman, I have always noticed that our community outreach could always be furthered, it is something that we could always build on,” Moody said. “The idea is at the end of the determined cycle, all of the clothes from TurnStyle will be donated to High Schools in the Bronx Area for underprivileged students.” TurnStyle will be subject to 2 locations for the 2021-2022 academic year. The first-semester location will be on the 5th floor of Thomas Hall and then change location to Kelly Commons in the second semester.

In regards to hours of operation, Moody explained that TurnStyle will follow a schedule much like that of a regular school day.

“We will abide by all major religious holidays, anytime the school is closed we will be closed, and the hours of operation would be from 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.,” Moody said.

By the second semester, TurnStyle will open up part of the store to feature student products which will allow stu- dents to profit off the items they gave up.

TurnStyle is opening up very soon and Moody is very excited to see her idea come to fruition.

“I could not be more excited,” Moody said. “To be able to present [my idea] and then not only to get greenlit and then have my space, then the president telling me that he really loves the idea, one it is very humbling but two it is an amazing amazing experience to see something that you created to get off the ground.”

Additionally, there are many students on campus who are avid thrifters and eager to go to TurnStyle. Sophomore Alanna Cordero explained that she had yet to hear about the event coming to campus, however, this did not prevent her from being excited about the idea.

“An on-campus thrift shop seems not only like a great idea but a perfect example of providing accessible sustainable fashion to everyone whether they’re dorming or commuting,” Cordero said.

Cordero also emphasized the importance of an event such as this for the thrifting community.

“I think it’s going to create an affordable and fashionable way for students to express their individual sense of style and create a new space with interests such as thrifting to meet,” Cordero said.

“Oftentimes thrift stores start to get popular and it, one, becomes harder to find pieces and, two, takes away from those who depend on it, so it’s a perfect way to find sustainable fashion within the community.”

Another Sophomore, Elena Willobee also explained that they were unaware this event would be taking place. After learning TurnStyle is coming to campus they explained how important this could be for Manhattan College.

“I feel like thrifting has become a big thing and a very sustainable business so it’s great to see them expand,” Wil- lobee said.

Currently, TurnStyle is looking for student volunteers to help with the shop. For those in need of volunteer hours for any on-campus organizations, TurnStyle is looking for student workers. If you are interested in volunteering for Turn Style please contact Liola Moody.