Jasper Jams: First Week of Class Completed!

by Emily Rumsey, Staff Writer

The first week of classes is finally over! Whether your classes went really well or if you ended up dropping some it’s all in the past now, and it’s time to celebrate the first week-end of class! The songs for this week are all boppy, carefree jams to unwind and motivate yourself for the semester. So whether you need an uplifting boost after some syllabi were a few pages longer than expected, or if you’re looking for a fun soundtrack for your weekend, look no further than the songs in this column!

The Feeling – Sammy Rae and the Friends

Sammy Rae and the Friends only seem to produce hits, a conclusion supported by my intense dive into their music over the summer. I also recently found out that Sam- my Rae is a former Manhattan College student in a great article printed last week (which is available to read at mcquad.org). The jazzy tones of their music and the incredibly talented horn section are some of the main draws to Sammy Rae, and “The Feeling” is a great introduction to the incredible intersection of jazz and rock and roll. In addition, “The Feeling” is a fun jam that reminds you that loving yourself is an important part of relationships, lest you get too lost in everyone else’s feelings.

Diddy Bop – Noname, Cam O’bi, Raury

“Diddy Bop” is a slower song than the others in this playlist, but the message that comes out of it is one of motivation and excitement for the future. This song represents seeing the bright side of things, and remembering the good times when looking to the future might get too difficult. Noname wrote this song about the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, which might not be expected considering the reputation of Chicago and being unsafe. However, it represents what just a change in perspective can do to one’s outlook.

Doses & Mimosas – Cher ub

A classic party song always gets you in a good mood. Released in 2014 off of Cherub’s album “Year of the Caprese”, “Doses & Mimosas” has all of the great qualities of a mid-2010’s hit. The song combines a fun use of synths and a bright, poppy chorus. This song is about just letting the party take you along as it progresses, promoting a go with the flow attitude. An important attitude to keep present while we enter the beginning of the Fall semester.

Tungs – The Frights

If you were on Tiktok around summer of 2019 you might recognize this song. I chose this song almost entirely because of the summer vibes. Maybe not all of us are ready to commit to the new semester and are trying to hold on to as much summer as possible. This song has a groovy bass line that invites you into the song and then keeps your attention with funky lyrics and bright drums. This song is definitely my first choice if I need to relax in the Quad between classes.

Dang! – Mac Miller, An- derson .Paak

If you like Mac Miller you probably know this song. This is one of my favorite songs by Mac Miller because of how up- beat and groovy it is. The song was composed by Anderson .Paak and also features him on the track. This song almost has a big band feel, with the great use of horns throughout the song. I would definitely recom- mend putting this song on if you need an extra skip in your step when heading to class or the library.

Animal Spirits – Vulfpeck

This song came up in the recommendations while making this playlist, so I’m not as familiar with Vulfpeck. However, this song instantly hooked me with the almost jolly piano intro. This song is called “Animal Spirits”, which is a reference to the animal spirits of the Zodiac. The song is about a love story between someone who likes astrology and someone who does not believe in it. If you’re one of those people that rolls their eyes when someone asks you for your star sign, this song might not be for you.

Disco Man – Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf started releasing music in 2019, but really exploded in 2020 with her song “Photo ID”. The song gained quick popularity on TikTok, and was featured in the Netflix show “Grand Army”. On that same EP, “Disco Man” is another great hit by Remi Wolf. The song is less electronic than “Photo ID”, and gives Wolf a chance to show off her powerful vocals. This song’s upbeat groove makes it a great song to have an impromptu dance party to, which could be a great source of stress reduction throughout the semester.

Guru – Coast Modern

This song literally screams summer and relaxation. Pairing that vibe with a chill beat and a sprinkle of elevator music (in the best way), and you have “Guru” by Coast Modern. Coast Modern, a duo based out of Los Angeles, wrote “Guru” about a man struggling to decide whether or not to change for the woman he is seeing, who he is just in awe of. This song is great if you’re looking for something to listen to while walking to and from class, or a study jam. However, it does also work great as a song to sing in the shower, if that is more up your stress-relieving alley.

Champagne Supernova – Spree Wilson

Spree Wilson is someone who I had never heard of before finding this cover. The cover is of “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis, but Wilson manages to take the song and make it sound completely his own. He did this by using a more hip hop beat, and sprinkling in ref- erences to The Fugees and A Tribe Called Quest, as well as changing the melody a bit to so- lidify it into his style. Not only is Wilson extremely talented for making such a great cover, the cover is also super fun to listen to. The song is upbeat, jazzy, and makes for a great song to hype yourself up for class.

Gotta Get Away – Vista Kicks

Vista Kicks is a rock and roll band from Northern California, outside Sacramento. Their tone definitely seems to be influenced by that West Coast state of mind, and “Gotta Get Away” is no exception. The song has a groovy guitar line that you just can’t help but bop to, and the beach vibes are off the charts. This song was chosen almost entirely because my mind’s eye saw a relaxing drive along a coastal highway when it popped up on my Spotify feed, and I think all of us could use a fun coastal drive right now.