Farewell to A Former Editor-in-Chief

by, Jilleen Barrett, A&E Editor

The Quadrangle would not be the same if not for the leadership of Gabriella DePinho – better known as Gabs – during her time as editor-in-chief of the publication amidst a pandemic, and that position was one of many during her time at the college.

A legacy Jasper, DePinho got her first impression of Manhattan at only seven years old. When she returned as a prospective student at 17, she realized the campus made her feel right at home and ended up interviewing for the Quadrangle scholarship.

DePinho detailed how for her, college was largely about finding herself. Her parents and siblings attended Manhattan and were remembered by many, so DePinho found herself in need of developing her sense of who she was all while changing in the ways most people do during college. She noted that one experience that significantly influenced her was being a part of MC Players.

“We get so many little moments … like deciding one day to show up to Players, Like that completely changed [me], I have a whole group of friends that I would not have had if I didn’t show up that one day,” she said.

“And I’ve had so many unique experiences that I wouldn’t have had … every little thing shapes you so it’s hard to pinpoint one thing that really changed my life here.”