Bringing Fashion Finds to Earth Week

by Lauren Raziano, Social Media Editor

The toxicity of fast fashion and constant new trends can be tough on the wallet and even worse for the environment. If you are searching for a better local alternative option, go to My Unique Thrift, located at 218 W 234th St, The Bronx, NY 10463.

My Unique Thrift is ver y popular with the local commu- nity and with daily donations and discounts, the merchan- dise is cycled through very quickly with new things always on the racks. If you are lucky you can find hidden gems that are squeezed between two oth- er items or something that is undervalued. Other options is to try to buy an outfit that you normally wouldn’t buy for your- self at full price.

With a loyal local fanbase, this Bronx thrift store has gained attention from Man- hattan College students, thus inspiring this article. Why ride to Brooklyn to check out the L train or search through bins when MC has an explosion of styles and trends sitting in our backyard? From Levis to Nikes, it is practically impos- sible to walk into My Unique without leaving with a handful of finds.

To the right are some of the best gems and deals found at My Unique Thrift: 218 W 234th St, The Bronx, NY 10463.

SF AIR FORCE 1 Mid ‘Obsidian’ Retail: $180
Price at My Unique: $29.99

These navy suede Air Force one’s in the men’s section are a great deal! The show is acces- sories with gold details and the shoes can be cleaned to give a fresh appearance. These shoes can be worn dressed down for a casual school or with a fun street style outfit.
Ga Milano Faux Leather Jacket Retail: $125
Price at My Unique: $39.99

While this piece was found in the men’s section, it can be for any gender as leather jackets are coming back into style. For an edgy look, sport it with darker jeans and for a warmer look put on a summer dress and fancy it up with
the leather jacket.
Comme des Garçons Play Converse Chuck 70 Hi Retail: $150
Price at My Unique:$7.99

This was my personal choice and buy from My Unique. I actually found these designer sneakers in the Kids section, which goes to show that you should always check every row and section be- cause there are hidden finds throughout the racks.
Levi Strauss Black Jean Shorts Retail: $70 at Free People Price at My Unique: $9.99
These jean Levi shorts are just what everyone is looking for as the weather gets warmer. Why spend $70 on a new pair from Free People when you can
save for a second hand item?