MC Experiences Another Decrease in COVID-19 Cases This Week

by, Shannon Gleba, Senior Writer

Manhattan College has officially passed the halfway mark of the spring 2021 semester, with over nine weeks done and only seven to go. Within the semester, there have been many changes within COVID-19 rates on campus, and the College has seen a decrease over the past two weeks.

In the past 14 days, MC has had a positive test average of 1.9%, according to the weekly Jaspers Return update email. For comparison, over the past seven days, New York City as a whole had a positive test average of 4.1%.

Over the past 14 days, Manhattan College Health Services processed 2,281 tests overall. Among the 1,755 on-campus tests, there were 18 positive results, with 165 results still pending. 

According to the public dashboard included in the Jaspers Return email communication, within the 526 off-campus tests processed by Health Services, there were 23 positive results.

All of the positive results were among students, and there have not been any positive results among faculty or staff over the past 14 days. This is a decrease from the 3 positive employees reported in last week’s update communication.

In terms of quarantine, as of March 24, there are 82 students in close contact quarantine. Likewise, there are 14 students in recent travel quarantine, and 27 students in isolation. According to the dashboard, “Isolation includes those that have tested positive for COVID-19; individuals that have symptoms who may not have tested positive for COVID-19 or are awaiting results; and suspected cases of COVID-19.”

This week’s update also included new information for members of the MC community who have received their COVID-19 vaccination(s). Fully-vaccinated Jaspers were told to upload their vaccination records to a Google Form included in the email. 

“Next week, we will provide guidance to address protocols for vaccinated students and employees for the rest of the semester,” the email stated

Students and staff are considered fully vaccinated only upon at least two weeks after receiving their second dose of Pzifer-BioNTech or Moderna or their single dose of Johnson and Johnson/Janssen.

Lastly, the email gave reminders to students who will be traveling home during the Easter holiday. While New York State is no longer requiring travelers to quarantine when returning to the state, the CDC advises travelers to get tested upon return. 

“We second that recommendation and will adjust our testing protocols accordingly,” the email said. 

Likewise, students should report any out-of-state travel on the daily symptom tracker.

The final days to be tested before the beginning of Easter break is approaching. For students who were selected for COVID-19 surveillance testing, the email asks that they make arrangements to be tested as soon as possible, if the surveillance testing date falls between March 31 and April 4. The last day to get tested on campus is Tuesday, March 30. Testing will start up again in Smith Monday, April 5.

If there are any concerns or questions regarding the information provided, call the One Manhattan office at 718-862-6398 or email