Manhattan Students and Staff Gear Up for a Safe Easter Break

by, Kiersten Thompson, Contributor

To combat the spread of the virus during this time, Manhattan College has issued advice to students as they finalize their Easter Break plans.

According to an email sent out by The Steering Committee on March 18, their plan involves advising those whose next surveillance testing due date is between March 31 and April 5 to take their COVID test before March 30 in Smith Hall since it is the last testing date on campus before break. Testing on campus will resume on April 5.

Additionally, those who travel domestically will not have to quarantine due to the lifting of travel restrictions in New York State starting April 1. Those who state that they travelled domestically via the daily symptom tracker will have their new surveillance testing date issued seven days after filling out the tracker. Those who travel internationally must adhere to the New York state testing and quarantine protocols.

For those quarantining on campus, a Concierge team will assist students with their non-medical needs such as “meal delivery, package delivery and other reasonable requests that may occur,” according to the email.

Michele Famularo, director of the One Manhattan Office of Campus Health and Safety, provided more information about the Concierge team and the plans for Easter break.

“The services they offer are on-campus Dining Services food delivery three times a day, mailroom and care package delivery, room inspections prior to move-in, non-medical wellness checks, and customer services-related items surrounding the concierge phone/text and email lines of communication,” Famularo wrote in an email.

Additionally, Famularo states that MC encourages students going home during the break to get tested before visiting family as well as wearing a mask, social distancing and staying in small groups.

“We are encouraging students to either remain on campus and/or make sure they are not participating in large gatherings over the break, “ Famularo wrote in an email. “This Easter break is an important religious tradition that coincides with Passover. For mental health and with the elimination of Spring break this year, this Easter break provides an opportunity for students to see their families. We trust that our students will be safe at home. We are encouraging testing on return to campus especially for those who have traveled.”

Additional information sent out to students about the One Manhattan Concierge. BRIAN ASAIRE / THE QUADRANGLE

Sarah Carr, a freshman mechanical engineering major, is a resident student and will be visiting her family over the break as she lives near MC. She thinks that staying within a small group of friends has helped ensure that she will be safe for going home.

Carr is confident in MC’s plans for Easter break but hopes that the COVID rates do not increase.

“I just hope that the rates don’t start getting so high to the point where it’s like a risk that the school would have to shut down,” Carr said.

Brendan Chan, a freshman civil engineering major, is a commuter student and thinks that making sure to wear a mask, wash hands and practice social distancing will ensure that he keeps his family safe. While Chan has confidence in MC’s plans for Easter break, due to the recent rise of positive cases he is worried about rules not being adhered to.

“I think Manhattan College is dealing with it, they’re dealing with it, okay, but it requires cooperation from the students and faculty and making sure they actually follow the rules and instructions,” Chan said.

Famularo, on behalf of the college, emphasized the need for individuals to monitor any COVID-19 symptoms and to get tested as necessary.

“For all students, we cannot stress enough the need for them to monitor themselves for any of the known symptoms of COVID and to get tested immediately if they have symptoms and to not participate in class or other activities while they await.