MC Sees Slight Decrease in COVID-19 Cases as Easter Break Approaches

by, Kyla Guilfoil & Nicole Fitzsimmons, Asst. News Editor & News Editor

As Easter break approaches, Manhattan has seen a slight decrease in positive COVID-19 cases with a positive test average of 3.4% in the past 14 days compared to 4.2% from the update on March 11th. This is compared to the seven-day positive test average of 4.2% in New York City on Wednesday, March 17th.

During the last 14 days, Health Services has processed 1,842 tests on campus with 31 positive results and 652 off-campus tests with 49 positive test results from on-campus individuals. This data can be found updated periodically on the public dashboard attached in the Jaspers Return email.

With Easter break being just around the corner, the College is preparing for on-campus individuals to return home for a week from Thursday, April 1 to Tuesday, April 6. The last day for students to get tested on campus will be Tuesday, March 30 until Monday, April 5.

The Jaspers Return email reminds students to take precautions when returning home and follow up with their surveillance testing requirements, which is every 14 days for students and every 28 days for employees.

“Please make arrangements to be tested before Tuesday, March 30 if your next surveillance testing due date is between March 31 and April 5. If you are traveling home, you should also be aware that turnaround time for test results may be 3-5 days with Enzo Labs. Broad Institute provides testing results within 48 hours,” the email stated.

However, due to domestic travel restrictions being lifted in New York State starting April 1, students will not be required quarantine upon returning to campus after traveling within the United States. All international travelers will be required to quarantine.

In addition to reminding students of their surveillance testing requirements, the email also added details regarding where students should get tested during their quarantine.

Other than those who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 90 days, all students are expected to fulfill their surveillance testing requirements. Yet, only students with green passes will be able to get tested in Smith Auditorium. Those with a red pass are to follow other instructions for testing on campus.

Individuals who are quarantining off-campus are also not permitted to get tested in Smith Auditorium, and must get tested at an off-campus testing site. The email includes links to testing sites in New York State.

In response to the rising cases in recent weeks, the college has also implemented a new concierge team for those in on campus quarantine which will be in place soon. This team includes three staff members who act as concierge assistants, to address students’ non-medical needs in quarantine, such as meal delivery and package delivery.

“There are now three staff members in place acting as concierge assistants to aid those students who are required to quarantine,” the email said. “This team will assist with students’ non-medical needs in quarantine, including meal delivery, package delivery and other reasonable requests that may occur.”

According to the email, students will be able to contact the concierge team at, starting March 21. The team will be active from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. following their opening. For easier contact, students can also call or text 718-862-6530 to reach the team.

As always, the update email requests that any further questions be directed to the One Manhattan team at 718-862-6398 or