Jasper Jams: The Spring Equinox is Almost Upon Us

by Gabriella DePinho & Emily Rumsey, Senior Writer & Contributor

Springtime is here! Well, almost. The weather is starting to heat up to more comfortable temperatures so that you won’t lose feelings in your toes while sitting outside for a socially distanced gathering and you can maybe lose the hat and scarf. This change is welcome after the 8th snowiest winter New York City has ever seen. While the spring equinox, which marks the new season, isn’t until March 20, the weather is arriving early. This Jasper Jams is meant to give you all the dreamy-sunshine-y and upbeat tunes you need to open your windows, go on walks in the park and welcome in the new season. 

Emily’s Picks 

“Vinavil” – Giorgio Poi

Vinavil is a glue that is popular in Italian primary schools, and also what gives this song it’s name. Giorgio Poi announced his sophomore album with the release of “Vinavil”, and in it he writes about people with hearts made of glue and wax that melt when they get hot. The song tells a story of nostalgia for happier days and the bittersweet present. Despite the melancholy meaning, this song brightens up any activity, with soft guitar and smooth vocals over relaxed drums and warm, blooming synths. This song is perfect for a sunny picnic or a nature walk in Van Cortlandt!

“Meet Me At Our Spot” – THE ANXIETY, Willow, Tyler Cole

This recent release is a great song for warmer days. The carefree vibes and playful adlibs throughout the chorus gives the feeling of being in the car with friends on your way to the shore. The song, off of Willow and Tyler Cole’s collaboration album THE ANXIETY, combines a strong baseline with simple drums and guitar to create an anthem for the warmer months. The lyrics tell a story of teenage youth and a secret spot that only the two characters know about. This song is perfect for springtime adventures with friends.

“Something Holy” – Alice Phoebe Lou

The soft ballad by South African singer-songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou encapsulates the feeling of a spring morning. The song tells a story of new love and the happiness that comes with it. The story is backed by a jazzy rhythm, a bright electric organ, and a large percussion section which brings an almost beachy tone to the song. This song provides a great soundtrack for a morning walk, a springtime brunch, or a trip to the city.

“This Must Be My Dream” – The 1975

This song is one of my personal favorites for an uplifting and fun song for the spring. It’s a love song about a girl who the singer believes is from his dreams. It has pop-like drums and a great use of synths to create a sort of ethereal sound while keeping the upbeat nature of the genre. It also features a groovy rock guitar line, a 1975 staple. This song is great for dance parties in the park, as well as getting in a good mood while walking to class.

“Softly” – Clairo 

I feel like it wouldn’t be a springtime playlist without the queen of bedroom pop. “Softly” is off of Clario’s first studio album “Immunity”, and you can tell how she has evolved in her style since the days of “Pretty Girl”. The song is simplistic instrumentally, but the overlapping harmonies that Clario has mastered make the song very pleasing to the ear. The song has a groove to it that you might not expect from Clairo, but her soft voice compliments it very well and gives it the warm weather vibe we’re all craving.

“Good Days” – SZA

This is it! This is the springtime song! With a soothing guitar line in the background of SZA’s simply beautiful vocals, this song encapsulates spring to me. The added sounds of gentle birdsong and children laughing in the beginning sets the mood of the song and transports the listener to somewhere much more idyllic. The lyrics tell a story of the events leading up to or aftermath of a breakup. However, there is never any anger or sadness expressed in the song, but instead a determination to get through the obstacles and reach the good days ahead. This song is perfect for what seems to be the tail end of the pandemic, knowing that we’re so close to the good days ahead.

Gabs’ Picks

“Cupid Tryouts” – Jonah Renna, Molivera, Jalen Renna 

I definitely think the track’s artwork being primarily a pastel color influenced me to pick this track. The 2018 laidback alternative R&B song is Jonah Renna’s release that features Molivera and Jalen Renna. Jonah Renna, 19, has been releasing music since 2016, and it’s paid off as his music is on the rise, with “Cupid Tryouts” just surpassing 1 million streams at the end of January. With more music on the way, I believe he’s an artist to keep your eye on. 

“where do you go” – flor 

The indie rock and synth pop band, flor, got its origins in Oregon and released their first track in 2014. I stumbled upon them through Spotify’s algorithm and I originally mistook them to be the same group as flora cash, but am happy my mistake introduced me to this new group. This 2018 track asks the question of where people who love hard and love often get that love from. The sweet lyrics paired with an upbeat rhythm and 186 beats per minute makes it a perfect song to ring in warmer weather with. 

“Flowers” – James Spaite 

James Spaite is an independent singer-songwriter and, according to his Spotify about page, a “percussive finger-style guitarist” who has been releasing music since 2014. Again, we have to thank the almighty and potentially creepy Spotify algorithm for recommending this track to me. The subtly heartbreaking lyrics where Spaite ultimately weaves a tale where his “darling” can find a guy that’s better than him are at first not-so heartbreaking thanks to Spaite’s smooth voice and the careful orchestrations he’s added to his guitar-playing. The imagery of flowers, gardens, rays of sunshine, and handful of soil make it a perfect song to listen to as spring arrives. 

“When The Lights Go Out” – Gabrielle Aplin 

This track was released at the end of January, setting it up for yearlong success. The album art — a collage with lots of flowers — screams spring vibes and the song’s upbeat tempo paired with sentimental lyrics, makes it a song I want to listen to as I sit on the quadrangle and soak in the sun. The song is about being seen for who you are and as Alpin wrote in an Instagram post, she wanted “to make a song that felt like a hug that you can also dance to” and this was her “best attempt.” Alpin has been releasing music for a little over a decade and if you haven’t started listening to her, now is the time to do so. 

Mango” – Peach Tree Rascals 

According to Peach Tree Rascals, the song is about “creating positive thoughts on even the worst of days” and I think, after coming out of the long and hard haul of the winter, this song has a message we all need. Peach Tree Rascals is a five-piece music collective that has been making music since 2018 and became famous after their song “Mariposa” went viral on TikTok. 

“Pierre” – Ryn Weaver 

I know this song has recently gone viral on TikTok but I would like to clarify I have been listening to Ryn Weaver’s music since sophomore year of high school. I’m so glad more people are listening to the singer-songwriter I have enjoyed for so long, but this is my public and formal claim that I liked her first; this isn’t being elitist, I’m just clarifying that TikTok actually didn’t have an influence here. As I’ve long been in love with her 2015 album “The Fool” which this song comes from, her music always reminds me of the cherry blossom trees my bus used to pass on the way home from school, which makes this track a perfect spring song. 

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