Meet Tiffany Ma, the New Campus Nutritionist

by, Colleen McNamara & Jocelyn Visnov, Asst. Sports Editor & Asst. Production Editor

Manhattan College welcomed a fresh face to its staff at the beginning of this Spring semester. Tiffany Ma, a registered dietician, has come to campus to better the health and wellness of students. Ma prioritizes students’ nutritional needs by holding information sessions, publishing her newsletter and communicating with food services.

Specifically, Ma covers four main concerns: general nutrition in the dining halls, complying with dietary allergies and preferences, providing nutrition information and holding nutrition seminars.

Ma is from Brooklyn, NY and has previously aided the New York State Department of Health as one of their nutritionists. As a registered dietitian for MC, she is well versed with food science to give on-campus students beneficial information.

“Dietitians can help individuals optimize their health through their food choices and eating behaviors,” Ma wrote in her “Meet Your Dietitian” newsletter.

Students are encouraged to reach out to her for nutritional advice, tips and plans to meet their diet goals. Ma preaches an “everything in moderation” philosophy when it comes to healthy eating, encouraging students to continue eating the foods they want while still being conscientious about their health.

Raashi Dev, a senior communication major, met with Ma for a general consultation last month and has been positively influenced ever since.

“Ma is very well educated about nutrition, and has great long-term recommendations, she doesn’t recommend to keep a balanced diet with no restrictions,” Dev said. “I have more energy and have been more active ever since consulting with Ma about my diet.”

Previously, there was an allergy-specific station in the dining hall, yet one of the changes Ma incorporated into Locke’s Loft was the ability for students to directly ask for individual accommodations to their meals. Dev has been utilizing this option.

“Essentially, I ask the chef behind the first section of Locke’s, or ‘Delicious Destinations’, to cook bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, cooked without oil and he makes it specifically for me,” Dev said.

Dev describes how the countless options in the dining hall can be overwhelming ,but finds it is nice to have someone guide students through the best options for personal health goals.

“I definitely feel more comfortable that there is a registered dietitian to guide me with what I choose,” Dev said.

Madeline Byrne, a sophomore chemical engineering major, describes how they are pleased with having a dietician on campus. They personally find it beneficial for their health, and for others as well.

“Having a personal dietitian on campus is great,” Byrne said. “She could definitely help out a lot. I have Celiac Disease so it would be nice to have her help me to make sure I get proper nutrition.”

Even if you don’t have specific dietary needs, Ma is here to help. Beyond her credible recommendations, she is a friendly face that consistently checks in on students.

“She is super supportive and a great resource, she even checks in on me ever since I had the initial appointment a month ago,” Dev said.

You can find Ma in Locke’s Loft every Monday from 12:30- 2:00 p.m. or attend her “office hours” for students who would like to ask general questions about nutrition or dietary choices. Feel free to contact Ma for private or group consultations by emailing her at or by calling/texting 718-877-7928.