Cases Rise as MC Sees a 2.4% Positive Test Average

by, Nicole Fitzsimmons, News Editor

As COVID-19 remains a problem across the country, Manhattan College continues the fight against the virus on campus. The positive test average for the college was 2.4% during the past 14 days. The seven-day positive test average for New York City was 5.0% on Wednesday, February 10 in comparison.

In an email from Jaspers Return on February 11th to students and faculty, the college reported a slight increase in positive COVD-19 cases. Over the past 14 days, 874 tests were completed on campus with 13 positive results and 295 results pending. For off-campus tests, 6 positive test results were recorded for on-campus individuals out of 207 tests.

As these rates continue to change, Manhattan College is requiring all individuals on campus to participate in regular surveillance testing. The only exception to this is for those who have tested positive for COVID-19 during the previous 90 days.

“Students will take part in regular testing every two weeks and employees will participate in regular testing every three weeks. You will receive an email with advanced notice when it is your turn to be tested. We encourage you to complete your PCR surveillance test as soon as possible after you receive that notification email,” stated the email.

Furthermore, the college encourages students and faculty to be vaccinated when given the chance. The email lists websites to find appointments and to see eligibility requirements.

This email also reminds all students and faculty that masks must be worn at all times in the classroom and on campus, even if there is additional protective equipment.

“You need to wear a mask at all times in public. You need to wash your hands, follow distancing signage on campus, avoid large indoor gatherings, and stay in well-ventilated areas.”

Despite the intensity of the environment we are living in, the college is working towards making the college a healthy place for students and faculty. They recognize that it is difficult, and even referenced a Washington Post article about hitting “the pandemic wall,” alluding to the mental ‘wall’ that marathon runners hit at mile 20.

“We have no idea how much longer our city and state will have certain restrictions in place because of the pandemic. We know that case numbers around us are going down, hospitalizations are decreasing, and more and more people, including several of our own faculty, are fully vaccinated. We know that many of you may be hitting ‘the pandemic wall.’ However, this is the time we need to focus on the things that will get us to the finish line,” stated the email.

The Counseling Center has created a support group for students who are struggling with adjusting to life during this pandemic. This is just one way the community is attempting to help students during this time.

The college has also gathered results from the One Manhattan pulse survey in which students and faculty were asked how they feel about current procedures on campus. These results can be found at the end of the email.

The campus will continue to work against the spread of the virus and the systems in place by the college are highlighting this fight.