Letter from the Editor

Welcome back! My name is Anna Woods and I am your new Editor-in-Chief. I am a sophomore Political Science major minoring in Spanish and DAsH. I’m from a little town called Hartsdale, New York, home of the first ever Carvel. 

When I first joined the Quad I was nervous and excited about writing for a college paper. I never thought that along the journey I would find a family within this great group of writers. They pushed me to become a better version of myself and gave me the confidence to succeed as Assistant News & Features Editor and now as Editor-in-Chief. 

I have enormous shoes to fill as I follow in the footsteps of the incredibly talented Gabs DePinho. Facing unprecedented challenges last year in the midst of the pandemic, she managed to put out an issue every week demonstrating great leadership and grace. She is an incredible role model and mentor to me and so many others. It will be hard to live up to the excellence that Gabs achieved. 

When 2020 started no one anticipated how the year would unfold. If we have learned anything at all it is to expect the unexpected. As we approach a year of being in the pandemic and see a future full of unknowns, truth is more important than ever. While we live in a world where the truth is seen as threatening, it is vital that we as citizens stay informed. Our job is to help our readers discern fact from fiction as we deliver the truth and uncover hard-hitting stories. We will also share stories of Jaspers who are making real change in our community and highlight the good on campus. I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we will be reporting every step of the way. 

Our staff is eager to continue putting out a great issue week after week. We are always looking for new writers and photographers and our meetings are open to everyone. Feel free to reach out to us at thequad@manhattan.edu with any questions or concerns. 

Happy first issue! Here’s to a great semester!