Jaspers Return Announces Spring Semester Update on COVID-19 Procedures

by, Anna Woods & Jilleen Barrett, Editor-in-Chief & A&E Editor

While COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the country, Manhattan College’s positivity rate for the first week of school is 0.07%. The positivity rate for New York City was 5.4% as of Jan. 27.

The college required all returning students to complete COVID-19 tests seven days before their arrival as well as on their move-in day prior to entering the dorms. The latest email from Jaspers Return detailed that 1585 tests were done with 4 positive results and 481 results pending. Health Services received 1622 results from off-campus testing sites with 1 positive result for students living on-campus.

As for submitting results to the school from off-campus sites, the email included instructions on how to do this properly and check to see if and when it has been approved.

“The test results portal does not automatically accept or reject your test results. It may take 24-48 hours for your submission to be accepted or rejected. Please check the My Covid Status portal for accepted or rejected status in real time.”

In order to encourage the safety of the MC community, the COVID compliance passes will continue to be used and anyone who wishes to enter campus will be required to fill out the Daily Symptom Tracker. In order to do so, these directions must be followed.

“On the main screen, select the second link: COVID Compliance Status; Log in with your JasperNet credentials; My COVID Checklist will appear, outlining important information.”

While COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the country, Manhattan College’s positivity rate for the first week of school is 0.07%. BRIAN ASARE/THE QUADRANGLE

Only those with a green pass, indicating negative test results and/or a lack of COVID symptoms, will be permitted to enter most buildings. The status can also be accessed via the Glance MC app.

“The pass system provides the most updated information about a student’s status, and whether they are permitted to be on campus. If a student has an orange pass or a red pass on your COVID roster, the student should leave, return to their place of residence and email health.services@manhattan. edu for more details.”

If there is suspicion of someone in the community not following COVID guidelines, it is encouraged that it be reported to the office of the Dean of Students.

“If there is a pattern or any other concern over compliance, please report it to the Dean of Students Office here: manhattan.edu/covidreport. As always, if there is a conflict in class or a disruptive student, please contact Public Safety at 718-862-7500.”

Additionally, the email also included information regarding updated dining hall hours.

“From Monday to Friday, breakfast will be served beginning at 7:15 a.m. to better accommodate those students who have 7:45 a.m. classes during the week. For more information, including hours of all Manhattan College Dining Services locations, please visit the CampusDish site,” stated the email.

Hours in the dining hall have been restricted due to COVID-19 policies and procedures.

The college is also asking that students volunteer for the OneManhattan ambassadors program, in which they are asked to “be stationed around campus educating and encouraging Jaspers to wear a mask and maintain healthy practices.” A link to sign up was included in the email.

Finally, the email noted that anyone with questions or concerns should visit the campus return website, call 718-862-6398 or email Jaspers Return.