The Urban Body Fix: Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation): An A-List Guide for Bettering Your Health

by, Madalyn Johnson, Web Editor

The Urban Body Fix: Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation), is written by Larry Rogowsky, a nutrition coach and licensed massage therapist.  On top of having 20 years of experience in the wellness industry, Rogowsky has put himself in the shoes of an individual who must make fitness a priority because of their career. Aside from his health background, Rogowsky was a performer for years and then went on the other side of the curtain and successfully made a name for himself  as a Tony award-winning Broadway producer.

Currently a Riverdale, NY resident and a frequent runner at Van Cortlandt Park, Rogowsky is eager to share his tips and views with his new book.

Rogowsky aimed to make sure his book wasn’t a strict manual on how to slim down and find the perfect workout routine that would automatically show promised results. He intends to dissuade people from being fearful about working out and dieting by providing drug-free and fun methods that will revamp the functionality of the body and mind.

Larry Rogowksy has compiled his twenty years of experience in the wellness industry to his theater career as a Tony-Award Winning producer.
COURTESY/Larry Rogowsky

Various topics about health, diet, and fitness are covered in this book, yet definitions and statistics help simplify the vital information readers are seeking in each chapter. Many complex subject matters about health, food cravings, exercise, stress, anxiety, supplementation and picking the best diet are all broken down.  This book backs up research, and discusses following health method recommendations used by A-list celebrities and athletes. Many health professionals and performers approve of Rogowsky’s methods, as shown in the foreword written by Tony award-winning actress Stephanie J. Block. Block has worked with Rogowsky and mentions in the book his drive to motivate people to make life-changing choices regarding their health and lifestyle.

“The Urban Boy Fix will act as a reset. This book will lead you to what feels right to/for you. It will engage you to want to invest in yourself so that amongst all of the aforementioned distractions, you can always return to what you know your mind, body, and spirit responds to.”- Stephanie J. Block

The aforementioned distractions that the media throws at people, such as wanting to set the bar too high for what health changes they make, are exposed by Rogowsky. In return, he takes the opportunity to show readers the difference between real science and junk science, debunking health myths that have been believed by many for so long.

Out of reading this book, readers not only re-envision what is needed to live a healthy lifestyle but come to find out “everything in moderation” needs to be implemented rather than vaguely understood. Rogowsky highlights that approaches to fitness and dieting need to be relatable to all different types of people, not just elite athletes and performers.

Specifically for the college community, this health book does not solely pertain to the sports teams and members of players hoping to start strong in the spring 2021 semester. Rogowsky suggests safe methods students can use when coping with the stress of school and currently  COVID-19. 

It’s safe to say The Urban Body Fix: Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation) is the perfect guide to get an A-list point of view on how to improve your health for the better. The book is now available on Amazon.