Manhattan College COVID-19 Testing Update

by C. Garrett Keidel & Nicole Rodriguez, Copy Editor & Asst. Production Editor

December 3

In an email sent to Manhattan College students, faculty members and parents on Dec. 3, the college announced the results of exit testing taking place between Nov. 14 and Nov. 20. 

1132 onsite tests were conducted at the college, with only nine cases of positive results. Additionally, Health Services processed 68 external tests submitted during the exit testing period with a reported number of three positive test results, bringing the total number to 12 positive cases.

The seven day exit testing period saw a one percent positive rate.

In the previous 14 days, 576 onsite tests were completed resulting in five positive test results. At the time of the email being sent 71 test results were still pending.

During the same 14 day period, Health Services processed an additional 46 test results submitted from off-campus testing locations. Six positive test results were recorded, bringing the total number of cases in the 14 day period to 11. 

The positive test rate for Manhattan College was a reported two percent positive rate. At the time of reporting, the New York City positive test average was above three percent.

With the majority of Manhattan Students returning, and staying home after Thanksgiving break, the college asked students to continue reporting and COVID-19 illness or positive test results that occur within the last 14 days of their last day on campus. If students left campus, they were to report any Covid-19 related symptoms or positive test results through their Daily Symptom Tracker and the test results portal.

December 10

In an email to Manhattan College students, employees and parents sent out on Dec. 10, Manhattan College announced that although courses have moved to remote learning, they are still receiving some test results and reports from students who are no longer on campus. 

In the last 14 days, 208 tests were completed on campus with 1 positive result. At the time of the announcement 45 results were pending. 

Additionally, Health Services processed 27 results from off-campus testing sites with 3 positive test results recorded. 

The positive test rate for the college was 2.1% which was below the test rate of New York City at 3.37% at the time of the announcement.

Students and faculty members were reminded in the same email that they may visit O’Malley Library until the end of final exams on Saturday, December 19. 

Everyone is still required to complete the daily symptom tracker before entering campus and may also be required to participate in COVID-19 testing on campus, depending on how often you are on campus.