Letter from the Editor

Hi readers!

I hope you’re all well and that you had the chance to really enjoy our special issue last week. Coming off of such a time- and energy-consuming issue, it can be hard to put out another great paper, but like always, The Quadrangle staff delivered. Though only eight pages, this issue packs a punch with great coverage in each section. We actually had some great work that we held, so I hope that gets you excited for next week’s issue.

I want to commend everyone for doing their due dilligence in protecting each other as the semester has continued on. If I’m being honest, when I moved into my on-campus room in August, I was convinced the college would be shut down and we’d be shipped home by Oct. 1. As a result of the hard work of the college’s contact-tracing team and the adherence to necessary mask-wearing and social distancing mandates, we’ve managed to make it quite far. With cases rising, I have no clue what will happen for the spring semester, but I’ve had more of a senior year than I thought I was going to, and for that, I am truly, very personally grateful.

As my tenure as Editor-in-Chief will end in just two weeks,
after our election on Nov. 24, I am beginning to look back on
my experience. When I stepped into the role, I had no clue what challenges — including the pandemic — would lie before me,
but I was able to get through all of it because of the great team that works tirelessly each week. We have all grown together. This team has truly been remarkable to work with and I cannot wait for us to give you one last issue next week.


Gabriella DePinho