Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

I hope you took a chance to enjoy the long weekend. I
personally spent four hours on Saturday wandering around Van
Cortlandt Park, enjoying all the trails, especially the Putnam
Greenway, which just reopened this past week. I also went to An
Beal Bocht to enjoy outdoor dining with some friends and I called
my older sister.

What I did this weekend seems relatively unimportant, and it
might be to you. But this weekend, despite all of the homework,
grad school and fellowship applications piling up, I took the time
to enjoy the people and places around me. You don’t need another
think piece on why the novel coronavirus has reminded us that
time is fleeting and we should spend time doing the things we
love with the people we love. But I think, in the middle of the
semester, right around midterms, it’s so easy to forget that there
is more to life than working nonstop. I hope you remember,
between your papers to write and your papers to grade, to look up
and look around.

Speaking of looking up and looking around, a lot of our
reporting in this week’s issue did just that. Social Media Editor
C. Garrett Keidel gives you the quick updates on COVID-19
cases and its effects on campus life, Julian Tiburico’s feature
on CMSA only takes you a few blocks away, and my story on
The Clothesline Project brought you out to the quadrangle.
Pete Janny, Jocelyn Visnov and Matthew Sweeney’s article on
the service athletes are and have been doing is another great
example of finding something wonderful just by looking around.
This week, I encourage you to look up and look around. You
can’t smile at strangers so easily when you’re masked up, but you
can stop, take in the world, and find another small way to make it
better. Write to me and tell me what you see when you do. Have a
great week.



Gabriella DePinho