Performer Profile: Olivia Herrera

by, Brian Asare, Photography Editor

Olivia Herrera, a freshman from Long Island on the pre-law track with hopes of minoring in musical theater, has loved singing ever since she was young. She’d sing to anyone and everyone that would listen.

“A particular time in my life where my interests developed was with my first grade teacher,” Hererra said. “She would have the class learn music and sing to make the class more interesting. From then on I would always sign up for every extracurricular class that was music-related.  There would be many opportunities to sing and perform in my schools, such as chorus and music since 3rd grade, orchestra, band, and musical theater club. I have continued performing ever since.”

“I’ve had a love to perform since I was very young. Ever since I could remember I would sing in front of anyone I could,” Hererra said. 

Before coming to Manhattan College, Hererra participated in many different events where she worked on improving her voice and performance ability. 

“For years I’ve been in many musical theater productions such as Legally Blonde, High school musical, Shrek plus many more,” Hererra said. “As well as musical theater, I’ve been in groups like show choir and chorus. After becoming represented by agents it has allowed me to attend many auditions and performances vocally.”

Herrera on stage performing.

Her journey did not end when she came to MC. She is involved with several groups on campus where she uses her vocal talents and performance ability to the fullest.

“On campus, I am involved in the Singers, which is a chorus group, as well as the music ministry which is a group of singers who sing at each mass,” she said. “I am also in the players club which is a theater group that is currently performing a cabaret.”

Out of the many different genres of music, Hererra loves to focus more on singing and performing various songs from musical theaters and Broadway shows. She also loves to perform many songs for sopranos operas, such as Ave Maria.

When it comes to being on stage to perform these songs, many people tend to deal with the problems of stage fright or anxiety in many different ways. Hererra deals with it by knowing her songs inside and out.

“It is very normal to feel shyness before you go on stage,” Hererra said. “A helpful tip is before you get on stage, the more you know your song the more comfortable you will be. Be confident in yourself. That is the best way to get over the fear.”

Just like many performing arts students on campus and around the world, Olivia dreams of being in big musicals on the stage to use talents of performing and singing to explore various career opportunities in music and the art of performing.

“One day, I hope to be on the Broadway stage, although auditions for television and commercials are great,” Herrera said. “I hope to use my singing talent to pursue a career.”