Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

What a week it’s been. The Quadrangle staff saw three birthdays this week, positive tests on campus have remained incredibly low and the weather is getting a little colder and feeling more like fall. However, we also saw the passing of the Notorious RBG and conversations about replacing her on the Supreme Court have begun. 

It’s hard to come to terms with the good and the bad, on the big and small scale, as all is happening at once in life, but such is life. I’ll call attention to the good since it’s easier to grapple with, and since both Manhattan Caucus and op-ed address RBG’s passing. This week, we get to shine a light on faculty voices in the news section, highlight SGA’s and Office of Student Engagement’s movies on the quad initiative (which, as a weekly attendant, I have enjoyed tremendously), take a look at the newly virtual “Love in the Dark” event and learn about the MAAC conference’s plan to address social justice issues. The work this staff does to cover every corner of the campus is nothing short of incredible, and I am so grateful for each and every writer that contributes to fill these pages. 

I am also going to shine a light on our incredible production team. We get this paper in your hands each week as a result of an entirely remote team’s work. Nicole, Kelly, Emily and Sam: your work is the reason we have a paper each week, and we could not be here without you. Our writing is strong, our layout  is better.

As always,  if there’s something going on that you think The Quadrangle should be covering, big or small, serious or silly, please let us know! Our email is open for tips and for feedback, so let us hear your voices. 


Gabriella DePinho