QQC: Quality Quarantine Content

by, C. Garrett Keidel, Social Media Editor

Does anyone remember how they even began to envision the year 2020 would go for them on New Year’s day, the resolutions to go to the gym more or even spend more time with friends? No? Thought so. 

The year 2020, in what feels like the longest year of many of our lives, has proven to be one of the most disturbing global events to the ordinary person’s way of life. 

More than that, 2020 has brought about the phrase “social-distancing” and “quarantine” into the modern lexicon faster than any dystopian movie or novel imaginably could. Who even knew there was the namesake movie, Quarantine in 2008?

Many Manhattan College students have experienced, or are currently experiencing a quarantine. If you are currently in this situation, or possibly preparing to not see another human being for a two week minimum period of time, and are looking for quality content to pass the time instead of the lacking personal interaction through Zoom or FaceTime calls, you have come to the right place.

Below are several recommendations.

“Why Won’t You Date Me?”, Nicole Byer (Podcast)

For many, quarantining may feel like the most socially isolating span of two weeks they have ever felt. But is that kind of the point of a quarantine? Nonetheless. What better way to cope with the loneliness in quarantine than by listening to the romantic loneliness of comedians?

The podcast hosted by comedian Nicole Byer, follows her quest to understand why she is perpetually single. Accompanied by fellow comedians, previous flings, and other celebrity guests, Byer discusses and dissects relationships of the past. Mold your experiences of perceived loneliness in quarantine and join the conversations of romantic loneliness for a laugh out loud experience that’s guaranteed to lift your spirits.

“Explained”, Netflix (TV Series)

Intellectual stimulation may not seem very exciting to a campus of college students just starting a new semester, but the Netflix original series “Explained” may just very well be the series that converts you from monotonous youtube binges to mini-documentaries about a wide variety of topics. No two episodes are the same, and every single one is roughly 15 to 20 minutes long. Recommended episodes include the origins of the exclamation mark, astrology, the racial wealth gap, and the even more eerie during a COVID-19 world “The Next Pandemic” (released Nov. 7, 2019). 

“Avatar: The Last Airbender”, Netflix (TV Show)

The Nickelodeon cartoon of many of our childhoods is streaming on Netflix. Catch up in the nostalgia of the story, and the memories of watching it in your childhood home. With three whole “books” of content available, you are sure to have several days worth of storyline to catch up on, revisit, relaugh, recry, and recover from how you’re feeling in quarantine.

“Shots with Jack Daniel”, Jack Melanson (IGTV) @shots_with_jackdaniel

This new Instagram original content from Quadrangle alumnus, Jack Melanson, is sure to leave you feeling entertained, positive, and more informed after every episode. Along the lines of Trevor Noah and John Oliver, Shots with Jack Daniel is an instagram infotainment show commenting on current events.

Melanson said in regards to his mission, “I wanted to continue some important conversations. In the first episode I talked about Trump, and his lack of knowledge when it comes to the history of his own political party, and for some reason that issue alone has been one that I have cared about forever…when Trump began piggy-backing on the idea that he and Lincoln are a part of the same political party it really bothered me. No one was talking about how he was wrong there.”

The show discusses several topics on contemporary themes that pertain to our everyday lives. A beautiful mixture of comedy and commentary that allows it to reach and connect with an ever so growing digital audience.

“My favorite joke I have written for the show comes from the first episode. I sort of talked about life and what matters to a republican, and I compared it to the American flag. I said ‘republicans only care about being red, white and blue,’ because after all the only thing that matters is red republican lives, white lives and apparently now blue lives.”

If you are seeking fresh infotainment, with a perspective that has a connection to the Manhattan College campus, this is the show for you.

And that’s your week of Quality Quarantine Content. If you have any suggestions for future content, contact the Quadrangle (@mcquad on Instagram) or C. Garrett Keidel (@garrettkeidel on Instagram).