A Letter from The Quadrangle’s Editorial Board

Dear Readers, 

Normally, The Quadrangle takes a break in the summer. But this is no ordinary summer. We are in the middle of a global pandemic and one of the most important social movements of our time. 

To the Manhattan College students and community members who have publicly expressed their outrage over the death of George Floyd: know that we will continue to support your efforts in making our campus and society more just places.

In our eyes, the most effective thing The Quadrangle can do right now is to do what we do best: write articles. It is our job to raise the voices of every member of the Manhattan College community and to use the respected platform we have to shed light on all news relevant to our community: the good and the bad. 

Now is not the time for silence, which is why we are mobilizing our staff during a time in which we usually are not active. Writing during the summer is not our normal but we’re adjusting because now is not the time for anyone’s normal. The Quadrangle does not intend to shy away from reporting on the hard stuff. 

Readers: Reach out to us. Send us tips. Tell us what you think we need to be covering. We might be working on it already, but it is still important to hear from you. Write a letter to the editor or an opinion-editorial piece. We believe dialogue is one of the most powerful tools we have to address the most vital issues of the day. We are open to hearing all voices in order to educate and further encourage those difficult conversations. 

We have the right to not publish a letter should it contain profanity, vulgarity or hatred. The Quadrangle was built on integrity, truth and justice, and we intend to keep that at the heart of our mission.

We vow to use our voice to amplify yours.


The 2020 Quadrangle Masthead