Good News!

by August Kissel, Senior Writer 

Right now, the news can feel like a constant source of negative energy and stress. Even more so, as journalists it is our job to report on the happenings of the world, and the impacts of COVID-19 in our own college community. This can be draining to both our journalists and our readership. 

Inspired by the work of our peers, the Jasper’s on a Mission Campaign, the offices that are working tirelessly to convert their programming to online resources for the student body, our amazing Student Government team and of course John Krasinski’s “Some Good News,” we wanted to provide little briefs and blurbs of good news for our readership. 

If you want to share some good news with us please feel free! It can be about yourself and new hobbies, puppies you’ve adopted since we’ve all returned home, your neighbors sewing masks for frontline healthcare workers or leading zumba classes from their porches. This news can be about the work of local businesses all over the country converting their work spaces into creative ways to support local hospitals. It can also be learning about what celebrities are doing to help all over the world. 

We want to highlight the awesomeness of our community and how we are doing our part in the world right now. Please share your good news with us! Either over email or The Quadrangle instagram, we want to hear your good news. 

Thank you for reading, stay home, stay safe and treat people with kindness. 

A factory in Mexico donates 64,000 sterile medical masks with the help of New Yorkers. 

A company named Indepesa based in Mexico makes masks for the Mexican medical system. They usually do not export their products to the U.S. Through an unanticipated connection, the brother of a friend of a friend, Indepesa promised to ship (for free!) as many masks as the three friends could buy to New York City. These friends created a GoFundMe to reach out to their friends and family to buy as many masks as possible on March 23, and since then their GoFundMe skyrocketed and they have been able to buy 64,000 masks to donate to organizations like God’s Love We Deliver, a food delivery service to the homebound and the elderly, as well as hospitals in New York City, Atlanta, Seattle and California. This good news was organized by just four people. 

Interested in donating? Click here!

Small Businesses in the Five Boroughs work to support local hospitals. 

A local whiskey distillery in Brooklyn called Môtô Spirits has converted their workspace into creating hand sanitizer for the Bronx based Lincoln Hospital. Môtô Spirits is a small distillery that focuses on creating race based whiskies that were sourced during the owner’s motorcycle journey around North Vietnam. Upon seeing a community need and a solution they could provide, Môtô converted their distillery into a hand sanitizer factory. They, at no benefit to their business, completely converted their space to provide free hand sanitizer to hospitals in need. The company has promised that until all of this is over they will continue to make hand sanitizer at no cost to those on the frontlines. 

If you’re over the age of 21 and want to support their efforts, you can order their whiskey with this link

Harry Styles creates a t-shirt and 100% of the proceeds go to COVID-19 Research

Former One Direction Member and breakout artist, Harry Styles released his sophomore solo album December of 2019. His album has taken the world by storm. He, like all other artists, have had to cancel their tours in order to abide by CDC social distancing regulations. Since then, Styles has found other ways to use his platform for good. He and his team designed a t-shirt stating “Stay Home, Stay Safe, Protect Each Other” and on the back it says “This T-Shirt Fights COVID-19, Treat People with Kindness” quoting his hit song “Treat People with Kindness.” Styles states that 100 percent of the proceeds are going to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization. 

If you are interested in supporting their efforts, you can order this shirt or share this news here.