Jasper Jams: Quarantunes for Working from Home

by, Gabriella DePinho & Alexa SchmidtEditor-in-Chief & A&E Editor

We always love trying to find new music and trying to curate the best playlists possible, and now that we’re at home with a lot of time to bake bread, learn Tik Tok dances, and call loved ones, we’ve also got the time to curate some awesome playlists for you. This first one is quarantunes to listen to while you’re working from home, hanging with your family and trying to stay sane. 

Daydream by The Aces: Gabs’ Pick 

I first found The Aces when they collaborated with another band I really like, Smallpools. Their sound is similar to other alternative pop bands you might know and love BUT The Aces is the girl band we deserve, which is what makes them so wonderful.  

Talk It Up by Sammy Rae: Gabs’ Pick

I’ve recently gotten into this jazzy-singer-songwriter-pop genre of music and Sammy Rae (& The Friends) is my newest obsession in the genre. You’d be surprised by how many bands and artists fit into this aesthetic. 

Sad Tonight by Chelsea Cutler: Gabs’ Pick

I’ve been using this social distancing time to listen to artists I haven’t had the chance to check out before. A few people I know post about Cutler’s music a lot, so I figured I’d listen to her discography now that I have the time. I’m glad I checked her stuff out because I like her a lot. 

This Is The Day by The The: Gabs’ Pick

So now that I’ve been home, I’ve had the chance to watch some new movies, including the 2018 film version of David Levithan’s novel Every Day. They use this song in the movie which is how I found it and it’s a pretty good “coming of age”-esque song. I keep listening to it and thinking that the day my life surely changed was, March 9, when classes first got moved online. 

Is Everybody Going Crazy? by Nothing But Thieves: Gabs’ Pick 

I’ve been a Nothing But Thieves fan since high school, so I always listen to every new release and this is their most recent one. I know they definitely wrote and recorded this song before the pandemic began, but the title is a bit ironic right now, considering how people are acting over toilet paper in their local supermarkets. 


Work it Out by Knox Hamilton – Alexa’s Pick

Technically this is a love song, but I interpret it as a love song between friends. I miss my friends dearly. I miss the harmless poking fun of each other, late night chats and squabbles that absolutely don’t mean anything. The indication of a true friendship is making up with just a look – a look that can only be understood by the other.  

Never Going Home by Hazel English – Alexa’s Pick

This song leaves me with this intense longing feeling for experiencing the Spring at Manhattan College. When the weather finally starts to warm up, the flowers bloom and quad days are endless. English’s voice is dreamy enough to make me believe I’m back on campus. 

Freaking Out by Arizona – Alexa’s Pick

I discovered Arizona on Spotify as a recommended artist, and I’m glad I listened to their algorithm. Fitting into the dance-pop genre, they’re a good band to put on when you need that dance session after sitting down for hours trying to work on a paper. 

New Religion by The Heydaze- Alexa’s Pick

Being at home all the time has become monotonous, and I’m tired. When lyrics say, “It’s hard to wake up in the morning,” I felt that. All jokes aside, The Heydaze is the perfect pick-me-up for finally dragging yourself out for that run that you really don’t want to go on.

Someday by The Strokes – Alexa’s Pick

I finished the TV show, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” when this song came on. Fan of the band, and became a bigger fan of the show. In case you were wondering, this show was created by the same producers of “Gilmore Girls,” and like most shows, I hate the main character but love the supporting characters.