LETTER from The Editor

Happy Special Issue, readers!

This spring, we have decided to delve into a realm we all seem to know so well, but don’t ever think too deeply on: the very social lives we all lead. This is The Social Issue.

At our core, we are all social creatures. While we all may crave alone time, at the end of the day, we still crave connection. We desire to spend time with others and to be well-liked by others. In our digital age, this desire and this ability to be social gets amplified, easier and somehow, it makes it all the more complicated.

This issue is our attempt to shine a light on all the unique social aspects of our small campus. From married faculty members, to pick-up players, to sharing music and even to the things that make socialization complicated, such as anxiety and safety, we’ve got it all.

Coming up with pitches for this issue made us realize how many different and unique ways one can think about socialization and that’s what made this issue so exciting to put together. While we couldn’t cover everything in the 12 pages, we covered a lot and we still have a lot of ideas that we hope to bring to you eventually.

I am so incredibly proud of this staff for pulling together this 24 page issue and I am so proud of us for doing what journalism does: bringing people together, keeping each other informed and celebrating the very lives we lead.


Gabriella DePinho