LETTER from The Editor

Hi readers!

I hope you’re all doing well in the midst of the chaos of midterms. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of exams, work and a social life, but I hope you are able to find time for yourselves.

Last week was a heavy letter to write, so I want to keep this one a bit lighter. However, with the incident outside of Leo and RLC, it’s hard not to have my mind on safety. While that incident was not related to Manhattan College, it still has left a number of people unsettled, especially considering the fairly recent shooting near Fenwicks and the OV incidents. Being responsible is important, managing your own risk is important, but we can’t always stop outside factors. Despite all of these incidents, I still feel safe on campus and in the surrounding area. In regards to what I think and how I feel about safety on campus, I want to keep this brief: it is important for both students and college administrators to engage in genuine and open dialogue about how to stay safe and how to make campus even safer if we want anything to improve.

In other news, I’m really excited for next week’s issue of The Quadrangle and I hope you are too. Next week is our special issue for the semester! We have a theme that we’re all excited for and we’ve already started working on our stories and our front page design. I think our theme will really connect with our readers and maybe even draw in some new readers. Special issues require a lot of work to pull together but we love doing them and we’re excited to make it happen. I hope you’re just as excited for special issue as we are!


Gabriella DePinho