Students Prepare for Housing Lottery at Roommate Mixer

by Kelly Kennedy & Katherine HeneghanAsst. Production Editor & Web Editor

As the housing lottery quickly approaches, Residence Life recently hosted a roommate mixer to allow current students to find compatible roommates and suitemates on Wed. Feb. 25.

The recent roommate mixer took place in Kelly Commons from 8-9 p.m. and approximately 30 students were in attendance. The mixer was sectioned off by the students’ choice of dorm, making it easier for students to find others who will be interested in living in similar conditions. Residence Life was also available at this time to help students navigate the process.

“The roommate mixer’s purpose is to give continuing residents and future residents the opportunity to mix and mingle and to match up in the roommate portal before the housing lottery,” Pierre Campell, assistant director of Residence Life said.

Campbell continued.

“This also gives students a chance to think about where they want to live considering that there are so many different floor plans. We just want to give the opportunity for students to ask questions so that we can be available as Residence Life.”

Fiona Ruettimann, a junior, attended the mixer looking for a fourth suitemate. With already three people in a room, Ruettimann is hoping to find someone in order to get a four-person suite in one of the two suite-style buildings, Lee or Horan Hall.

“We’re looking for a fourth person who would be living with us in either Lee or Horan,” Ruttiemann said. “Just somebody quiet more or less who goes to bed around the same time as us.”

Another student, freshman Kana Brajkovic, is also searching for potential roommates. Brajkovic does not have many requirements, but like Ruettimann, she is also looking to stay in a suite-style in either Lee or Horan.

“Honestly, I want someone who will be themself. I’m just looking for regular living characteristics like respect and trust,” Brajkovic said.

Students were given a worksheet where they were able to fill out their own rooming preferences as well as take notes on different people they met throughout the night.

There will be a second roommate mixer on Tuesday, March 3, for those who may not have been able to attend and are still searching for potential roommates and suitemates. It will be held in the same place as the previous mixer, in Kelly 4C.

The housing portal will open with the priority lottery on March 10, and the second lottery will be posted after spring break. Without much time left to find roommates, Residence Life encourages those without roomates to act fast and attend the mixer while they still have a chance.

Finding people to live with can be difficult, but Residence Life is always there to help and answer questions. The office of Residence Life is located in Thomas Hall 514, and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Those with additional questions or in need of help navigating the roommate selection process can always stop by in order to get the help they need.

“We just want students to be able to have the opportunity for students to engage and interact with one another,” Campbell said. “Choosing a roommate can be a very difficult decision we want to try to make the process as easy as possible.”

March 10th is the deadline to match with roommates for priority choice housing. You can match with roommates through the MyHousing portal. The priority housing lottery will begin March 11th.