Alum Lands MLB Position

by Christine Nappi, Features Editor 

Baseball has always been something that Bailey Shaw holds close to her heart. From discovering a love for it at a young age, to eventually managing the Manhattan College baseball team, the sport has always been a significant part of her life. Now, Shaw is continuing to pursue her passion by working for Major League Baseball.

Shaw, a graduate of the class of 2019, began working with the MLB at the start of the new year. She is the coordinator of Digital Initiatives for Minor League Baseball, an association overseen by the MLB.

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Manhattan College Alum Bailey Shaw (‘19) has started working with the Major League Baseball organization.

“My dad adopted me when I was six years old and he really got me into baseball, it’s something that’s always stayed constant in my life and it was something I always loved,” Shaw said. “I loved stepping in and being the first manager of our college team and I just knew that the love for working in the sport is something that I wanted to continue.”

In her position, Shaw primarily works with MiLB baseball teams that are located in St. Petersburg, Florida. In addition, she handles various digital marketing tasks for the 160 teams in the MiLB, as well as working in the ticketing aspects of the organization.

“[It’s] really busy, really hectic,” Shaw said. “It’s nine to five but your mind is certainly running way before nine and way after five, it really seems to become a lifestyle.”

Shaw first applied for the job back in the summer of 2019 after seeing a job posting on Front Office Sports, a media publisher that specializes in sports and business. After an extensive interview process, Shaw was soon hired.

Shaw originally started her college career as an English major, yet decided to pursue a double major in communication with a concentration in public relations at the start of her sophomore year.

Part of the reason why she chose to alter her education and career path was due to her involvement in baseball. Shaw spent the summer going into her sophomore year interning in the marketing department for the Tri-City ValleyCats, a minor league team in Troy, New York, that is affiliated with the Houston Astros. She describes that studying communication at MC enabled her to continue to do what she loves and pursue her passion in baseball. The communication department staff, along with the courses offered, played integral roles in preparing her for post-grad life working with the MLB.

“Arshia Anwer and Mike Plugh, those two really did everything they could to help me succeed and help me find out where my passion lies,” Shaw said. “So many classes really helped me find my ground and go from there.”

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Before working in the MLB, Shaw spent her summers interning for the minor league team, the Tri-City ValleyCats.

Although adding a communication major helped Shaw discover the right path for her, there was still something missing. During the time she was at school, she was away from baseball and her work with the ValleyCats.


At the start of her junior year, Shaw contacted Manhattan’s baseball head coach, Mike Cole, to inquire about working with the team, similar to her internship with the ValleyCats. In no time, Cole and assistant coach Chris Cody welcomed Shaw to their team.

“They were both so willing to help me and allow me to grow,” Shaw said. “I was really worried at first because I’m a female stepping into an all male environment and they had never even had anyone in this role let alongside a female, so they were really open to helping me learn.”

As manager of the Jaspers’ baseball team, Shaw headed a plethora of tasks such as creating game day and practice videos for the team, taking care of uniforms and equipment, running their email and social media accounts, and planning and hosting a camp for prospective players.

Manhattan gave Shaw a multitude of opportunities to explore and learn more about her passion. From her communica

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Shaw poses alongside Paul O’Neil, former New York Yankee, and Michael Kay, broadcaster for the Yankees,  at Yankee Stadium. BAILEY SHAW/COURTESY

tion classes to gaining further experience in the sport she loves, her time at MC has prepared her to live out her dream and work for the MLB.

Although her time and experience during college helped her get to where she is now, Shaw is ready to learn more about her field from her co-workers and continue to grow through hands-on experience.

Shaw describes that having a fearless mindset and simply “going for it” helped her accomplish her goals. In addition, pursuing something she is passionate about has encouraged her to strive for her goals. Her undying and everlasting passion for baseball has ultimately provided Shaw with the opportunity to work in the MLB.

“I’ve learned that if you’re working for something you’re not passionate about your results are not going to be as grand as if you were passionate about it,” Shaw said.


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