Making Your Dorm Room a Home

by Maria ThomasNews Editor 

As the new semester kicks off after a long winter break, some on-campus residents of Manhattan College can start to feel homesick. After living with luxuries like space to move around, a private room and maybe even multiple bathrooms for nearly a month, it is normal for Jasper’s to feel cramped in a residence hall. Other students desire a change in their living environment. One way to battle these feelings is to make your dorm room feel like home.

Wall Art from the Heart

Wall art can make or break a living space. What do you want to look at every day? Maybe it’s a picture of you and your family, or a tapestry of your favorite animal; find something that speaks to you in a positive way.

Wall hangings such as tapestries cover cinder blocks and add personality. MARIA THOMAS / THE QUADRANGLE

Embrace Less Space

Having smaller living quarters than you are used to can be a great motivator to get organized. Utilize storage bins to pack away items that you use less frequently. Consider installing bed risers to create more storage space in the room.

Get Lighting that’s Inviting

Lighting is so important. It sets the mood of a room. Dorm room lighting can be harsh and bright, whereas lighting from the right lamp can provide an inviting, golden hue to your room. Don’t be afraid to invest in multiple sources of light, because different lighting might be required for different things.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 7.22.36 PM
Supplemental lighting can improve the overall mood of a dorm room. MARIA THOMAS / THE QUADRANGLE

Cover the Floor + Home Decor

Rugs, accent pillows, and throw blankets are great ways to dress up a space and add a personal flair to an otherwise uniform dorm room. Consider getting a rug to make the room feel more comfortable, even if you’re living in a dorm with carpet floors. Accent pillows can tie a room theme together and add extra comfort.

Expel Bad Smells

In small spaces, regular odors of food and shoes can be amplified. Candles are a safety hazard in dorm rooms, and room spray is typically a temporary fix, so a great way to freshen up your room is by investing in an essential oil diffuser. Simply add water and your essential oil of choice into the diffuser and experience its therapeutic effects as it deodorizes your room.

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 7.22.43 PM
Essential oil diffusers are a safe, dorm-approved alternative to candles. MARIA THOMAS / THE QUADRANGLE

Saving Money in Spring 2020

Making your room look great doesn’t have to be expensive! Before you hit the mall, check discounted stores such as Home Goods, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx. Consider heading into the city to scour vintage furniture stores for unique finds.