Finding a Wholesome Balance Away From Home

By Sophia Sakellariou, Production Editor

Junior Gabriella DePinho is all too familiar with the many demands of life as an undergraduate student. A double major in English and Communication with a concentration in journalism, this newly appointed Editor-in-Chief of The Quadrangle has a lot on her plate. To find balance in it all, DePinho spends her Sundays recharging. With a later start than a week day for a little extra shut eye, big breakfasts, family time and church, DePinho knows how to make the most out of a day off.

Breakfast: “When I’m home my family and I sleep in and we’ll make pancakes. My dad likes making chocolate chip pancakes, my mom likes to try others like blueberry or walnut. Whenever my sister’s fiance or brother’s girlfriend come over, that’s when we make the best breakfast. I love having them around. But back at school eating Locke’s breakfast everyday, I think about how my family is making good food at home and I’m just like ugh I’m missing out on so much.”

DePinho enjoys spending Sundays at home with family.

Sunday Service: “We go to church as a family, my parents are big on going as a family. We usually go every Sunday. We try to spend time together when I’m home because my sister works, my parents work and my brother is in grad school full-time so we try and take advantage of the time we have together.

It’s kind of funny because I don’t ever go to church with anyone [at school], but I always end up sitting with someone I know. You kind of see the same people there every week and everyone sits towards the back which makes Father Tom say, ‘come forward I’m not scary.’ He and my brother had a really close relationship so by proxy I know him pretty well. He gives way better homilies than my church at home because there they’re speaking mostly to white-haired people, but here [Father Tom’s] gearing it towards us which is kind of cool and refreshing because I’m not hearing a priest say ‘oh there’s no young people at church’ because it’s all young people at church. That drives me crazy because it’s like I’m here and I understand maybe other people my age are not, but I am.”

Checking Off the To-Do’s: “Depends on what I have going on, but usually homework happens at some point, whether it’s in the morning or at night. I’ll stop by [The Quadrangle] production. Sometimes I’ll be there for an hour, other times it’s three or four depending on if they need my help or if I’m just having a good time or finishing up an article and so on. For Players sometimes  my Sunday will look like going to musical rehearsal and helping out with the choreography,  taking videos or we’ll be working on the set. I’m part of the stage crew overall so if we have stuff on the weekends it’s likely a rehearsal, so I’ll be helping with that rather than building or painting.”

As newly elected Editor-in-Chief, DePinho spends Sundays with the production team working on the next week’s issue.

A Quick Break: “Maybe I’ll hang out with friends for a bit, sometimes we go to the library together and do work, but that’s really it.”

Looking Forward: “I’ll go to Locke’s for dinner to procrastinate more and then go back to doing homework and situate myself for the week. I live and die by my planner and Google calendar so I’ll usually spend time setting up, adjusting it and filling it in for the week with stuff from my syllabi. And that’s kind of what my Sunday looks like.”