Campus Chimes In As Provost Search Continues

by August Kissel & Lauren Schuster, Web Editor & Social Media Editor Applications for the provost position were due on Nov. 22, and as the search for the new provost continues the Manhattan College community has begun to reflect on the role of the provost and their impact on the MC community. “The provost is the chief academic officer in any college or university, and … Continue reading Campus Chimes In As Provost Search Continues

LETTER from The Editor

Hi readers! I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When I was elected Editor-in-Chief last November, I was overcome with two emotions: excitement and fear. The former obviously felt natural after winning an election up against some amazing candidates. The latter though, that one felt wrong to me. How was I going to handle this? How could I know that all of … Continue reading LETTER from The Editor

Manhattan College Implements Residency Requirement

by Megan Dreher & C. Garrett Kiedel, Editor-in-Chief & Sports Editor Manhattan College has drawn up a new residency requirement for incoming freshmen, publicized in the 2019-2020 Academic Catalog in March 2019, and implemented as of the Fall 2019 with the class of 2023. As stated in the Academic Catalog, “…all full-time undergraduate students who enter Manhattan College in the Fall 2019 semester and thereafter … Continue reading Manhattan College Implements Residency Requirement

Review: MC Players Go Back to School in Annual Cabaret

by Rose Brennan, A&E Editor On Nov. 21-23 in the Black Box Theatre, the Manhattan College Players sought to recreate the four most terrifying years in a young adult’s life. Through the raging hormones, the teenaged angst, star-crossed lovers and teachers at their breaking points, directors Camryn Kidney and Maria Summerville succeeded in transporting the audience back into the fishbowl environment most of them had … Continue reading Review: MC Players Go Back to School in Annual Cabaret

Agape Latte:“Real Activism”

by August Kissel, Web Editor On Wednesday Nov. 20, the second and Thanksgiving themed Agape Latte of the semester began with a guest pianist, Gavin Reidy, the younger brother to Conor Reidy, playing some soft music while students filed in to Jasper Lounge and enjoyed Lloyd’s Carrot Cake and pie. Students waited for a talk by Carlos Pinto-Corredor titled “Real Activism.” This was Agape Latte’s … Continue reading Agape Latte:“Real Activism”

The Buzz About Locke’s Loft: Bug Found in Soup

by Caroline McCarthy & Anna Woods, Staff Writers On Nov. 18, Manhattan College sophomore Allie Urbanowicz posted a picture of what appeared to be a small worm found in her Locke’s Loft dinner. The photo of the “Broccoli Cheese” soup was posted on her Instagram story in attempt to call out Gourmet Dining for the incident. A popular social media account, Barstool Manhattan, jokingly reposted … Continue reading The Buzz About Locke’s Loft: Bug Found in Soup