Senior Farewell

Joseph Liggio –

Staff Writer,

Asst. News Editor ‘17 – Spring ’19

I always knew coming into college that I wanted to get involved with the Quadrangle to some degree; admittedly I was kinda shy. A few weeks into first semester I showed up to one of the meetings in Kelly 4C but was too nervous to open the door and walk in.

Not long after, then-Assistant News Editor Kyleigh Panetta was standing next to me in Locke’s after I found a bug in a salad I was eating. She interviewed me, wrote the story, and that finally got me to show up to a meeting, not enough for me to talk much, but at least in the door.

When the marijuana grow house exploded on West 234th the following week, I said to myself, “Hey, now’s your opportunity to do something.” I went down to the scene, started talking to police, press and residents, and got some interviews. The atmosphere down there that day was indescribable. I contributed to my first story, and knew then and there that I was hooked, that I really wanted to be a part of this paper.

Throughout the past three and a half years, the Quadrangle has taken me to active crime scenes, Upper East Side bakeries, community board meetings, rap concerts, massive protests, apartment fires and everything in between. Coming in to MC, I couldn’t have ever imagined the scope of experiences I’d have in college, many of which stemmed directly from being a part of this publication. It’s been nothing short of amazing.

More than that, I’ve learned so much from being here. The people I’ve had the pleasure of working with have taught me better than some of my professors, not just about how to write news, but how to go out and get the job done, a job that may never be appreciated by many, but one that is important and necessary to a well-functioning and honest college campus.

The Quadrangle provided me with some of my best friends at MC, both those I’ve worked with week after week and those I’ve been lucky enough to meet through interviews for my stories. This paper was my first extracurricular, my first foray into journalism, and my first home at this school.

I will end with this: Manhattan College is far from perfect. There’s a lot that goes on here that isn’t right by any means, and that’s no secret. People suffer because of issues that would rather get swept under the rug. And I trust that those at this publication will continue to bring these problems to light in a fair and accurate manner, and continue to do what is right for the students and staff they write for. This team kicks ass, quite frankly.

The Quadrangle has been able to evoke change for the better on this campus time and time again, and if I can say I’m proud of anything I’ve accomplished in my three and a half years here, it’s knowing that I helped others in whatever way I could through my writing.

I owe a lot to that bug in my salad. Pretty glad I spotted it before I ate it.

– “Dr.” Joe Liggio