A Semester in Music

Jasper Jams

by Gabriella DePinho, News Editor

As the fall semester comes to a close, it’s time for me to start a new playlist in my Spotify account to put all of my spring finds to go into. I personally create new playlists after the one I’ve been adding to hits 39 songs, a weird thing I picked up from a high school friend but cannot seem to shake.

The 39-song limit usually coincides pretty well with semesters going on, ending, starting again and the summer months. My fall semester playlist is at 35 songs right now, but by the end of finals, it will definitely hit 39 songs. (Anyone have any recommendations for what those last four songs on my playlist should be?)

This Jasper Jams is a dive into some of the songs I found this semester that I’ve had on repeat as I’ve ridden the subway to see plays on Tuesday nights, grinded out essays, gone on runs through Fieldston, blasted while quadding at the start of the semester and started prepping for finals.


This is probably one of my favorite songs that Spotify has recommended to me. The Spotify algorithm knows me so well. Normally I’d be concerned about the mining, selling and sharing of my personal data but hey, it brought me this song, so I can’t complain.

Space for Two – Mr. Probz

I know nothing about Mr. Probz. I won’t even look the artist up until after I write this column so you also sit in mystery with this song. I don’t even remember how I found this song: the mystery continues.

Looking for Some Light – Colony House

I had a big, big, big Colony House phase in high school. Before this recent release, the last thing they released was an album in 2017. My phase receded but when this song popped up in my recommendations, I did go back on a bit of a binge.

(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano – Sampha

One of my good friends discovered Sampha this semester and while he and I have very different tastes in music, he insisted I listen to him anyway. Sampha’s music isn’t exactly my music, but it’s undeniably good and this song is my favorite of his.

Love You For A Long Time – Maggie Rogers

I’ve been a Maggie Rogers fan since some time in high school but only really sunk into the obsession during freshman year of college with my roommate. This song didn’t make Rogers’ first album “Heard It In A Past Life” but she decided to release it anyway and honestly, I am so grateful she did.

Bruises – Chairlift

Reagan (my best friend from high school) and I started sharing music with each other back and forth during the summer because we were finding good stuff. Since she and I knew we’re both bad texters, we figured sending each other music during the semester would be a good “thinking of you” system, instead of trying to keep a conversation going. This is one of the songs that she sent me.

Good In You – Seinabo Sey

I found this song on a random playlist that was floating around on social media somewhere. The name of the song caught my curiosity so I decided to give it a listen and within the first minute of the song, I was adding it to my playlist.

Night Bus – Gabrielle Aplin

This is another song that I’m not sure how I found; I know it wasn’t the Spotify algorithm because I know I spent a lot of time this semester confusing the algorithm with the songs I was finding. I definitely appreciate the storytelling that is so central to this song.

123456 – Fitz and The Tantrums

This showed up in my New Releases section of Spotify because sometimes I listen to one Fitz and The Tantrums song over and over again so Spotify thought it would introduce me to their whole and most recent album. This was one of my favorites from that album.

Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles

Look, if you must know, I liked One Direction as a 12-year-old. But now, as a 20-year-old, I like Harry Styles for his unique musical style and presence, not because he was part of one of the world’s largest boy bands.