Sanctus Artem Holds Art Show in Hayden Hall

by Brian AsarePhotography Editor

On Saturday, Nov. 16, the Sanctus Artem family organized an art show which was filled with many different perspectives of what various artists consider as their art form with which they could express themselves in.

The first floor of Hayden was transformed into an art gallery showcasing various types of art ranging from paintings, drawings, poems, photographs to using objects and props to portray some form of deep artistic vision, this year’s art exhibition had it all.

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The art show took place together with a coffee house this year as well. This allowed people with more of a performance type of artistic talent to express themselves in the way they saw fit to get their art across to viewers and there was also coffee and donuts for all who visited.

Most of the participants submitted some form of art to their art they consider as their best art which was then look through and picked by a panel of people within the Sanctus Artem which consisted of co-presidents Mariajose Blas-Perez, a junior finance major with a Spanish minor, and Ryan Askin a senior secondary education and English major.

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“Sanctus Artem has been around for the past three to four years, so this is its fourth year. It was originally started to inspire art around campus for all people who do art so it’s not just like visual art, it’s literary and performance art as well,” Askin said.

Askin briefly touched on the theme of the 2019 art show, which was “Revitalize.”

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  “Our theme is revitalizing so this year has focused more on environmentalism and changing the way things were into something new. So like upcycling and recycling,” he said.

Blas-Perez was enthusiastic about the numerous and wide-ranging submissions Sanctus Artem received this year.

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“I think this year we have had more student involvement and we definitely had a wider variety of art ,which is something I like striving for. A lot of people will think about art just being paintings drawings but we have digital art, we have videos, we have sketches, we are including coffee houses here, so we have performances. So it’s really a wide range of art,” Blas-Perez said.

Fatoumata Saho, a junior marketing major with a management minor ,submitted some of her art and this year’s art exhibition and loved it completely.

“The pictures and the drawings show there are so many talented people, and I did not expect that. I expected drawing and everything, but I did not expect this much great drawings and great minds, great pictures,” she said.

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Overall, this year’s event was a very successful one which did an excellent job in involving a majority of the creative minds that exist within the Manhattan College community.

For the students that did not hear about this year’s event or felt like their art was not good enough, Blas-Perez had a few words of wisdom.

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“Submit any piece or all [your] pieces, because a lot of time it will be like people will come up to us and say, ‘I have these five pieces and I don’t know which one to pick.’ Just bring it in and we will pick it out for you and some instances we will even put all the pieces up or if they are even shy about putting it up we offer smaller sizes. If it is like a digital drawing we could have it be smaller so it does not get that much attention if you don’t want that attention. We encourage it because it’s all about supporting each other,” she said.