Faces of Fridays for the Future: Strike While the Planet’s Hot

The Mother Nature Club on campus has started a petition to get one faculty member and one student on the board to search for a new Vice President of Facilities. Their aim is to elect someone interested in the sustainability of our campus today, and in the future. Seniors Alisse Fullerton and Sierra Arral open up about this petition and the Mother Nature Club’s purpose on campus.

Interviews compiled by Caroline McCarthy.

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 6.52.00 PMAlisse Fullerton

International Studies Major

What made you get involved in Fridays for the Future?

Ia actually have classes with Chasik who came up with the idea of starting a school petition trying and get a faculty and a student member on the board to search for a new facilities director who will implement sustainable options for the school. Manhattan College is actually committed to sustainable actions, however they haven’t been implemented. They are replacing the director so we are trying to get someone who cares about sustainability and about climate change to be on the board.

Have you noticed any drastic change in campus lifestyle since you started these protests?

I feel like people are starting to hear about it and get the word out. I know a lot of my classes are actually talking about climate change and they’ve brought up the petition since then. I still think there is a lot of work to be done. We still need to gain a lot of traction.

What do you feel Manhattan College can do more to help your cause?

We already have double sided printing set as a default in the library, however that’s not on all computers. So definitely fixing that. We’ve established recyclable straws, but getting that campus wide has been difficult. It’s really small things like that. Maybe putting signs next to lights reminding everyone to turn them off when they leave.

Do you feel you are supported by the student body?

I feel like most of the students I’ve talked to about this are very excited and interested in making a better, sustainable future of our campus. I just feel right now the trouble is getting traction. All of the professors I’ve talked to have asked me to send them the petition to send around to classes. There is a lot of support it’s just slow right now.


Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 7.07.12 PMSierra Arral

Economic Studies Major

What made you get involved in Fridays for the Future?

Dr. Chasik came to me about starting Fridays for the Future movement on campus because I went to Greta Thernburg’s Fridays for the Future rally about a month ago. I’ve worked with Dr. Chasik on model UN sustainability issues and I’ve also done a research project on campus regarding environmental attitudes on campus. I study environmental economics so I’ve always been involved in the different attitudes on campus. I’m from main so nature is an integral part of our community. Bringing it to campus has been like “how can we share this global movement, locally.”

Have you noticed any drastic change in campus lifestyle since you started these protests?

I would say I’ve seen local change. I would say the most drastic change has been getting a committee together to write this petition. I think we are going to see change continuing to unfold, but right now this petition is the biggest change I’ve seen coming out of these strikes. I hope that out of this petition will get more publicity. I think getting someone in a management position is going to be how we see change on this campus.

What can Manhattan College do more of to help your cause?

I think people should be more vocal about their issues with sustainability on campus. Whether it’s waste issues or other things – I think more people can come to us and voice these opinions. These opinions need to be heard and not just muttered between students. This doesn’t just have to do with how much plastic we’re using. It has to do with water quality and dorm health and wellbeing. I think a lot of students share these issues and I think they need to come together and I think this is where they can do it.