LETTER from the Editor

Happy Special Issue, readers!

Welcome to my favorite issue of the semester! This fall, we decided to leap into unchartered territory. This is the Taboo Issue.

I know… Talking about these kinds of subjects are, well, taboo. It’s uncomfortable, it’s messy, it’s complicated. But, the most growth comes from discomfort. Our writers were so excited to shed light on topics often left in the dark, and this is the perfect outlet to do so.

I want to make something very clear: by bringing attention to the things we find taboo, we want to generate meaningful and effective conversation. Manhattan College has such a rich and unique history, much of which gets forgotten or lost in translation. This is simply meant to start talking about the history in its entirety. We must not forget the past, but instead use it to grow, to cultivate change, and to make the future that much better.

This is what journalism is all about: a free, uncensored, unbiased outlet for expressing the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am so proud of what our staff has brought to the table.

Happy reading!


Megan Dreher