Junior Brings Climbing Club to MC

by Katie HeneghanAsst. Features Editor

Katie Doyle’s passion for climbing began in her role as a summer camp counselor for the past four years. As a counselor Doyle not only learned climbing, knot tying, and belaying, but taught it to her campers. She has brought her love of climbing to Manhattan College as she hopes to make her new Climbing Club official.

Doyle, a junior majoring in adolescent education and English, got the idea from a friend attending Yale University who was a part of a competitive climbing club at school. She was encouraged to start her own variation of this club, and upon returning to school came to the realization she had missed climbing from her time as a camp counselor.

As for plans for the semester, Doyle hopes to expand the club at their weekly meetings and begin to train beginners and plan outings.

“For this semester we will meet weekly, and then monthly outings to climbing at the Cliffs at LIC. We’re also going to try and do some fun group activities just for people in the club, “ says Doyle.

As of right now the Climbing Club is not an official club at MC, but Doyle hopes to apply by the end of the semester. For now, they are working out of pocket with some free outings in places like Van Cortland and workouts in the Kelly Commons Fitness Center.

“One week we have training sessions in knot tying, technique, and how to belay and the basics of climbing. The next week we meet at the gym here at Manhattan College and we do things to build our endurance – we do one workout together and expect that the members do it on their own throughout the week,” says Doyle.

For the future, Doyle hopes that the team can become increasingly competitive. First they must receive club status at the college, as well as funding, and then they can begin competing with other schools. Doyle and her executive board hope that this can be completed by the end of this year.

Thomas Duggan, the vice president of the club, is enthusiastic about the opportunities it can provide for students to engage both physically and mentally with the sport.

“I joined the rock climbing club because rock climbing is a great physical activity for me physically and mentally. I love working out in natural ways and I think that rock climbing really helps me see what my body and mind can do in a different way. The mental state of just you and the wall is a really unique experience. I have a little experience so far but have a lot to learn and I know joining the club will help me improve,” says Duggan.

The club is looking to expand and expose more students to the sport, and hopefully find both new and experienced climbers. A long time climber and secretary for the club, Kyle Vidal is hopeful for the future of climbing at MC.

“My hopes for the climbing club are never ending. The main things that I hope for is the ability for the climbing club to grow in membership in order to expose others to a sport that is like no other and also to have an awesome time making friends and memories,” says Vidal.

Right now Doyle and her E-Board are joined by about 10 members. If you are interested in joining the Climbing Club you can contact Katie Doyle at kdoyle02@manhattan.edu and follow them on Instagram @MC_Climbing. Meetings are on Monday’s in Kelly Commons at 9pm.