Students Show Off Professional Style at Fall Career Fair

Interviews and photos compiled by Lauren Schuster

On Campus Fashion-Finds

The Center for Career Development held the annual Fall Career Fair on Tuesday, October 1 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. While the resumes and networking skills of Jaspers cinch their internship and job prospects, their outward presentation certainly does not hurt. Three campus fashionistas show off their favorite business casual looks.


Steven Goolsby, Junior

The Quadrangle: How did you choose your outfit for the career fair?

Steven Goolsby: For me, I wanted to actually show my personality a little bit, but not too strong, so I have a floral shirt that’s basically all floral as you can see, and I just wanted to make it simple, because you know simplicity is best.

TQ: Do you have a go-to piece for career fairs?

SG: Usually for a career fair, you can’t be too dramatic, but I always like to add a little pop of color, because everybody is usually wearing black or gray and for me, I want somebody to see me, just like with my resume, you have to have a little color just to stand out.


The Quadrangle: Do you have a go-to piece for career fairs?

Karla Nejasmic: Just always a blazer, I would say. I feel like it just makes the outfit better.

TQ: If you were given $1,000 to spend on business professional clothing, where would you spend it and why?

KN: I would say Zara and H&M, because you can get so much more worth your money and it’s still good quality and it still makes you look nice. Instead of, if you go to expensive stores like Bloomingdales, one piece is $500 and that’s it. So it’s not worth it, I’d rather go to a different place and you get much more for your money.


The Quadrangle: How did you choose your outfit for the career fair?

Sydney Waitt: I have one pair of shoes that’s business appropriate, so that was kind of a no-brainer, but for the rest of the outfit, my mom actually had a pair of pants like this growing up that she used to wear to her work all the time, she always had to look business formal, so I found these and I got them because I was like “Aw, I’ll look like my mother,” and then the shirt I actually borrowed from a friend because I did not own a blouse.

TQ: How do you exhibit your own style while staying professional?

SW: I always try to wear something funky, you know, I figured most people would be in a jacket and slacks, but I knew it was going to be hot out today and I didn’t want to wear that, so I just find pieces that I like and hopefully put them together and hope that they look nice.