Family Weekend Brings Jaspers Together

by EMILY HOLLARContributor

Family Weekend took place on Saturday October 5th, and Sunday October 6th, and activities were offered both days. On Saturday, students and their families were able to take photos in front of a monster truck, participate in a golf driving range, witness a hypnotist and magician, attend a Mens’ Soccer game against Quinnipiac, and even spend the evening listening to David Moscow. Sunday consisted of 10:30am Mass in the Chapel of De La Salle, a trip to Midtown Manhattan, and the Fall Convocation. Of course, both days included meals at the famous Locke’s Loft for students and their families. The Quadrangle checked in with a couple of students and their families to see how their weekend was going:

unnamed.jpgRyan Braster: Freshman

Travel time: 1 hour

Family Members in Attendance: 11

What Activities have you participated in so far today?

“We walked through the Chapel and auditorium, we got some Starbucks, and bought some swag at the bookstore. We were even able to see the monster truck that was parked outside! The campus is very beautiful, and it is so nice that it’s so close to the city and not in the middle of nowhere. Everyone seems so happy to be here, we are all so happy for you.”


Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 11.31.38 AM.pngMelissa Jimenez: Freshman

Travel Time: 40 Minutes

Family Members in Attendance: 7

What Activities have you participated in so far today?

“Melissa took us to explore the campus, through all the silent levels of the library, and all the study rooms and donated rooms, which was so cool. We also attended Chapel, which was so beautiful, every part of it. Now this gymnasium, so impressive and open it almost feels like you are outside.”