Letter from the Editor

by MEGAN DREHEREditor-in-Chief

Hi readers!

Welcome to the official beginning of Fall, and also welcome to Issue 5! We’ve got some great stories this week, and I’m so proud of all of our writers for another job well done!

I want to draw attention to some of the content we covered this week. One of our Web Editors, August Kissel, and our Photography Editor, Brian Asare, wrote a great piece providing updates on the South Campus construction. The Higgins building is progressing very rapidly, and it is exciting to see how the construction is coming along. This will be a great asset to the college upon completion.

In Features this week, two of our Freshmen Quad scholars, Nicole Fitzsimmons and Kelly Kennedy, wrote about Manhattan College students and their involvement with the climate strike that happened last Friday. As someone who is extremely passionate about student involvement in the most pivotal issues of today’s society, I was so impressed by the support of faculty and students alike in the call for change on a local, statewide, national, and even global level. Thank you to those who showed their support, in whatever capacity that may be, and thank you to Nicole and Kelly for highlighting this within the Quad!

Manhattan College, you never cease to amaze me. We’ll see you next week!


Megan Dreher