Puppies Visit the Mini-Quad to Fundraise for Breast Cancer

by EMILY HOLLARContributor

A crowd favorite event has come and gone: for the fifth year in a row the first puppy party on the Mini-Quad took place on this past Thursday, Sept. 10. The event is run by the Chi Theta chapter of Beta Beta Beta, the Biology Honor Society, run by Professor Lance Evans of the biology department. The Honor Society has been running the “Puppies on the Quad” events for five years; renting the puppies from a company called Puppy Parties, a puppy store in Brooklyn, New York. Their website (puppyparty.com) explains that the  “parties are a means of socialization and exercise for our puppies while they wait to find their forever homes.” The puppies love the parties just as much as we do! We recommend the next time the puppies are in town, you run over to the Mini-Quad and spend seven minutes to brighten your day.

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“I was tired, miserable, and totally not ready to go anywhere, especially not to spend money. But now, I feel such pure joy! I have more energy, my heart is happy, and it was only five dollars that go towards the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk. What else could possibly make you feel that way but cute little puppies?”