Letter To The Editor


Isabel Frazza writes:

My name is Isabel Frazza and I am a proud member of the class of 2023. I am running for freshman class vice president. The role of a class vice president at Manhattan College is to represent the needs of their class, as well as plan exciting social events on campus. If elected, I plan to do just that, and more.

You can count on me to represent you well in student government. I love this school and I love the people here even more. I may be biased, but I am especially fond of the class of 2023. Still, I recognize that Manhattan College is not perfect. I want to help find solutions and work to make this an even better environment than it already is. I will serve as a bridge of communication, from our class, to the student government, and beyond. I am prepared to bring your concerns to the people at the very top. I will not allow the freshmen voices to be pushed aside.. Yes we are new on campus, but we are an important part of the Manhattan College community. I see our potential.

At the beginning of my campaign, I asked a large number of my freshmen classmates about the issues concerning them on campus. I heard concerns regarding the infamous “Access Control Policy,” food choices in Locke’s Loft, the campus aesthetic, and much more. I am interested in holding meetings with the food service department to discuss menus, and working to organize student lead art projects on campus. The class of 2023 has so many terrific ideas, and I greatly enjoyed conversing with you all. I would love the opportunity to work side by side with this class, in order to put our ideas into action.

As freshman class vice president, you can count on me. Both my time and heart will be completely dedicated to representing you. When I set my mind to something, I always give it my all. If you know me, you know that I am passionate about each cause I stand behind. My passion shines through every single conversation that I have, whether it is with a stranger, my friends, or professors. More importantly passion shines through my initiative, and action. In high school, I noticed that many of my peers were not registered to vote. I discovered that they were interested in voting, and wanted to register, they just didn’t know how. Civic engagement is something I am incredibly passionate about. I put my all into this cause, and over the course of two years, I lead multiple voter registration drives, helping many of my peers register to vote. Making Manhattan College the best environment for everyone here is something I am incredibly passionate about. I hope that the class of 2023 chooses me as our vice president on September 19th and 20th. I believe that we can take this great place, and make it even better.